Beef Project Member eLearning Tool & Leader Guide

Member’s eLearning Tool

Click on one of the eLearning sections below and a new window will pop up and a video will begin to play. Use the Menu button and the progress bar at the bottom to explore the Beef Project in a whole new way with interactive lessons, fun activities, additional resource links, Quick Reference Sheets and a glossary of terms. Have fun!


Each 4-H family with registered Beef Project members can request that their club order the Member eLearning Tool USB through the Club Supply Catalogue.

Please note that the USB will allow you to use the new Member eLearning Tool without access to the internet. If you do have access to the internet, we encourage you to use the online version so that you can access web-based links available through the Resources tab


Leader Guide


Download the Complete Leader Guide

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Complete Leader Guide

4-H Alberta - Beef Leader Guide


1. Choosing A Project


2. Selecting An Animal


3. Animal Husbandry


4. Breeding Management


5. Production Management


6. Marketing & Economics

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