4-H On Parade


4-H on Parade 2019

Remember to thank our sponsors of 4-H on Parade
4-H on Parade presented by Cervus
May 30 - Jun 2
Calgary Stampede, Calgary



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Registration Form (excel)

General Information

Accreditation Worksheet

Clothing Styles

Clothing Club Worksheet (excel)

Clothing Family Worksheet (excel)

Parking Information and Pass Order Form

Program Agreement Form

4-H on Parade General Rules

Exhibitor Agreement

Cleaver Kids


Life Skills

Archery Competition Rules

Creative Arts Competition Rules

Foods Competition Rules

Life Skills Competition Rules

Life Skills Stall Judging

Life Skills Worksheet Club (excel)

Members Choice Competition Rules

Photography Competition Rules

Silent Auction Rules

Skill Demonstration Rules

Woodworking Competition Rules



Canine Registration

Canine Stall Judging


Beef Female

Beef Female Show Rules

Beef Female Stall Judging

Beef Female Worksheet Club


Beef Steer

Beef Steer Show Rules

Beef Steer Team Grooming

Beef Steer Stall Judging



Sheep Show Rules

Sheep Stall Judging

Sheep Worksheet Club



Horse Family Entry

Horse Bowl Contest Rules

Horse Entry Club Checklist

Horse Jeopardy Trail Rules

Horse Warm Up Rules

Large Horse Club Stall Judging

Small Horse Club Stall Judging



Consumer Decision Making Worksheet

Consumer Decision Making Study Guides


Formal Wear



Breakfast Cereal

Multi Species Judging Worksheet

4-H on Parade Multi Judging Prep webinar


Beef Weigh In Sheets - Breeding, Market 4HOP, Market Non-4HOP (excel)