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4-H on Parade 2017

Remember to thank our sponsors of 4-H on Parade
4-H on Parade presented by ...
Calgary Stampede, Calgary
Jun 1-4, 2017 

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D'Arcy Scholarship              

4-H on Parade showcases horse, steer and heifer shows, demonstrations of small engines, computer and other lifestyle projects, sheep trimming, showmanship, agility dog trials, and more! The event concludes with the sheep and steer sales. Prospective buyers will not want to miss the opportunity to purchase quality products raised by Alberta youth.

If the club wants to participate in 4-H on Parade 2017 ... what do you need to know and do.

4-H on Parade is the largest youth show in Canada and the 3rd largest in all of North America, so don't worry if you don't "get it" right away. There is a lot to know and we hope that this information package will provide at least enough information to get you started and feeling comfortable with the event and what is expected of your club.



Club Roll-Up Form



Accrediattion Form


Sheep Show Rules

Parking Form


Sheep Entry Form

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Calgary Stampede Exhibitor Agreement


Beef Female



4-H on Parade NYC (National Young Cattleman)

Information For Leaders


Beef Female Show Team Grooming


Beef Female Show Rules



Beef Female Entry Form

4-H on Parade Guidelines


4-H On Parade Checklist


Beef Steer

Horse Club Entry Form


Beef Steer Show Rules

Horse Family Entry Form


Beef Steer Show Team Grooming

Horse Warm-Up Rules


Horse Bowl Rules



Horse Bowl Entry


Canine Entry Form

Horse Jeopardy Trail Rules


Horse Show Rules


Life Skills


Foods Competition Rules and Guidelines



Photography Comptetition Rules



Silent Auction Rules and Guidelines

Consumer Decision Making Entry Form

Skill Demonstration Competition Guidelines

Multi Species Judging Entry Form


Members Choice Competition Guidelines

Stall Judging Entry Form


Entry Form


Creative Arts Rules and Guidelines

Cleaver Kids


4-H on Parade Life Skill Rules

Cleaver Kids Entry Form

Archery Rules and Guidelines