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Feeding and Management of Your 4-H Beef Project Animal this is a webinar and will take you YouTube to view

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Learning to do by doing looks different for every member. This is why 4-H Alberta provides members with so many different options for how a project can be taken.

Each opportunity listed below offers a different approach to project material, with members being given the ability to “create” a project, sample a smorgasbord of projects, experience 4-H in another province, state or country!


4-H Alberta Steer Carcass Competition Guidelines

Deadline Dec 15

Competition Guidelines

Apply on line

Goal: The goal of this competition is to find the carcass that provides the highest quality beef for a restaurant. 

Requirements:  A 4-H member in good standing, located and registered in the Province of Alberta.  All Policy 6.05 Rules and Regulations must be followed, in addition to the following:

  • Carcass Steers must be weighed in, tagged with 4-H and CCIA Tag, and registered with your club by December 5, 2017.
  • Completed online program registration (including required animal information and $75 registration fee) and 3 photos (front, left side, right side) submitted to by December 15th, 2017.
  • Harvest Sites will be provided to participants by January 15, 2018 and will be selected by the 4-H Alberta Steer Carcass Committee based on location of the steers entered.
  • The animal must be “Tie Broke” for live evaluation.
  • Members must agree to deliver the animal to one of the Abattoir’s selected by the 4-H Alberta Steer Carcass Committee on the date specified.   Harvest delivery time is approximately May 15, 2018, depending on final scheduling with processing facilities to minimize conflict with achievement days
  • Members must provide a final picture of member and animal on day of delivery to the Abattoir
  • Provide a PowerPoint presentation about their project, deadline will be communicated in conjunction with carcass viewing at the harvest locations
  • For regions, districts and local Achievement Day Sale committees that allow replacement of animals, the following applies. Local level rules must be adhered to.
    • If the entry into the 4-H Alberta Steer Carcass Competition is a companion animal to a Market Steer Live Project and is used to replace that project; the entry is cancelled and fee is forfeited.  If the Market Steer Live is deemed to be unruly, the member may switch with the 4-H Alberta Steer Carcass entry until February 15, 2018, provided both steers are registered as a 4-H project by December 1st, 2017.  Members may only switch once and the member will be required to provide proof from their Show and Sale Committee to within 1 week of the approved switch.

Steer Carcass Competition Guidelines 


For more information contact:

Alexia Hoy
4-H Specialist


Photos by 4-H Alberta. Summer Synergy 2016 in Olds, Alberta