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Think Like an Entrepreneur

What is an Entrepreneur?
How do entrepreneurs describe themselves? Watch this Youtube video and find out.

Best Definition of Entrepreneurship
This article gives a thoughtful definition of entrepreneurship. It explains what Harvard Business School professor Howard Stevenson meant when he said that entrepreneurship is “the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.”

Do You Want To Be an Entrepreneur?
Take this online tutorial to see if entrepreneurship interests you.

I Can Be an Entrepreneur
Check out this site for resources on money-making ideas. Scroll down to the “Resources” section of this page for worksheets, tips and ideas.

Junior Biz
Read about 25 young entrepreneurs

25 Common Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs
How many of the characteristics mentioned do you have, or want to have?

Grow Your Rural Community
Entrepreneur and community enthusiast Peter Kenyon discusses strategies for rural revitalization. The interviewer says: “We have to stop looking at youth as the leaders of tomorrow.” Kenyon replies, “Yes, we have to look at them as the leaders of today.”

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Want to enter your idea in a competition? If you’ve drafted a business plan, check out these contests and get your submission together!

A Business Plan competition open to Aboriginal students in grades 10 to 12 in Canada.

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5 Key Traits of Great Leaders

10 Unique Entrepreneurial Leadership Skills (Part 1)

Unique Entrepreneurial Leadership Skills (Part 2)

10 Key Leadership Qualities for Today’s Entrepreneurs

Leadership Skills for (Social) Entrepreneurs

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How to Foster Effective Teamwork

21 Ways to Establish Effective Teams

For Young Entrepreneurs, Safety in Numbers

Is Teamwork Important to YOUR Business?

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Education Programs

There are opportunities to make use of other programs and educational services with your 4-H club.
You might want to look into the following to see what they have to offer:

The Be Your Own Boss Challenge
This self-assessment tool is mainly focused on entrepreneurs going into business for themselves.

Junior Achievement Canada’s A Business of Our Own
“A Business of Our Own is curriculum-linked, student centred and skills focused. It can be delivered by a qualified business volunteer once per week for 40-60 minutes over a four- week period, at no cost to schools or groups.”

GoForth Institute
Entrepreneurship education GoForth is partnered with Community Futures of Alberta. They offer an online program that teaches 100 essential small business skills.

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Community Connections

Junior Achievement
Provides mentoring programs to young Canadians. Over thirteen thousand business mentors across the country participate in the program. Contact the Junior Achievement office in your area, using the links below. From his link you can also jump to the southern Alberta contacts.

The Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF)
Offers a program in mentoring young entrepreneurs. To find a community partner in your area, visit the directory.

Y.E.N. (Young Entrepreneurs Network)
Launching in 2012 For 18+ Connect with other young entrepreneurs that are helping each other out as they break into the business world. Members have access to their Mentorship/Coaching services.

Youth Canada Government of Canada
This site provides resources on starting your own business.
When your business is up and running, you can be matched with people in developing countries who need business guidance. On this site, match yourself with a mentor or mentor someone in your field of expertise.

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Raising Capital

Community Futures Self Employment Program
Some Alberta Community Futures organizations deliver the Self Employment (SE) Program, which provides financial assistance to new entrepreneurs while they get their business up and running. Contact your local Community Futures office for more information.

Business Development Canada
Business Loans for Young Entrepreneurs For Members 19+ seeking loans for start-up financing.

Grant and loans for young entrepreneurs
This site has a list of grants and loans for young entrepreneurs.

Check out this funding platform for creative projects. Kickstarter is a web site where you post a video saying "Here's what I want to make. Who will commit to paying me to do this project?"

Top Ten Crowdsourced Funding Platforms
This article reviews and links to ten different sites used to fundraise and turn visions for social change into reality. The sites “provide more than just a donor base—they create an online community of people who are about your cause and want to follow your progress.”
A crowdsource funding platform connecting social entrepreneurs with people who want to help.

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Under Pressure

Looking to develop your performance under pressure? Check out some of these resources that touch on how to deal with pressure, or the good stress that comes with achieving your goals.

Entrepreneur Coaches Corner
Watch this video to see how to manage your stress as a young entrepreneur.

Young Entrepreneur Council
Read how positive thinking can reduce stress.

6 Steps to Handling Stress
This website gives brief steps to build mental resilience, with an option to download a free e-course
on handling stress.

Feeling stressed, young entrepreneur? Read some info on how stress affects your body and mind, and helpful tips on how to de-stress.

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Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution: Communicate Effectively

6 Steps to Fast Customer Conflict Resolution

7 Tips For Resolving Conflicts Quickly and Peacefully

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Ethics and Entrepreneurship

Ethics and the Entrepreneur

Work Ethics in a New Business

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Considering Risk and Failure

Balancing Act
Use this online tool to weigh the risks against the benefits of any business idea you have.

Failing on Purpose
A girls’ school in England hosts “Failure Week,” to teach their students to “embrace risk, build resilience and learn from their mistakes.”

Risky Games
Challenge your level of risk with the following games.
Can't Stop
Diamant/Incan Gold
Lost Cities
Formula D

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Business Planning Resources

Want to check out more business planning resources? There are many to choose from! BizGym This rapid business development system includes a user-friendly application, free templates, and tutorials.

BizGym for kids

Small Business Planning Centre
This site has a library of 500 sample business plans, and more!

Royal Bank of Canada
This site outlines the seven key sections of a business plan, and offers sample completed plans.

Canadian Youth Business Foundation’s Business Plan Guide
This extensive resource outlines exactly what needs to be written in each section, how long it should be, and questions that should be asked.

Canada Business Network
A wide range of business planning resources are listed here on the CBN site.

Entrepreneurship Business Plan Resource
Read award winning business plans on this site.

Young Entrepreneurs Network Business Plan 101
This 101 offers a series of questions you should ask yourself as you develop your business plan.

Rocket Fuel for Your Biz
A resource that takes you through the entrepreneurial process.

Rich Dad's Advisors®: The ABCs of Writing Business Plans
The ABC's of Writing Winning Business Plans: How to Prepare a Business Plan That Others Will Want to Read -- and Invest In Nicole Lamb refers to this book as one that helped her write her business plan for Bite Beef.

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12 Email Marketing Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

How to Not Get Trapped in the Dark Side of Aggressive Marketing

Business Sales and Marketing for Your Startup

5 Effective and Simple Small Business Networking Tips

Advertising Layout Strategy

Create Your Own Print Ad

Website Design Visual Appeal in Website Design

Visually Appealing Corporate Website Designs

How to Make a Visually Appealing Website

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Tools and Templates

15 Fantastic Apps to Track and Manage your Goals

Effective Scheduling Tool

Community Futures Alberta’s Business Plan Template

Canadian Business Network Business plan templates

Financial Worksheets
Cash Flow Forecast — Cash Flow Forecast Worksheet Levels 1 & 2 xlt download / Cash Flow Forecast Worksheet word download
Cash Flow Forecast — Cash Flow Forecast - Weekly xlt download
Revenue / Expenses / Profit / Spreadsheet — Revenue Expense Profit xlt download / Revenue Expense Profit word download

Market Analysis
Start It up The Complete Teen Business Guide for Turning your Passions into Pay By Rankin, Kenrya

This book includes a great fill-in-the-blank activity to help you carry out a market analysis.

Loan Agreement
Start It up The Complete Teen Business Guide for Turning your Passions into Pay By Rankin, Kenrya

This book includes a model loan agreement that you can adjust for your own purposes.

Elevator Pitch Builder

Free online tool to survey your customers

Business Plans & Financial Statements Template Gallery
Retired executives who want to pass on their useful business advice run this site. There is plenty of business plan and financial statement templates offered here.

50 Fantastic Free Tools For Startups

Business Cards (Junior Members)
Make your own kid-themed business cards:
This survey site allows you access to millions of random people to ask about your business concept. The feedback can help fine-tune your business idea.

Blog about your biz

Goal Setting Templates
1-1-5 Goal Setting Worksheet

Goal and Values Worksheet

Personal Goal Review

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The Lemonade Stand
The Lemonade Stand is an interactive game in which students run their own lemonade stand and change variables such as how much to spend on advertising, how much to charge per glass, and how many glasses to make

Be your Own Boss
An interactive game in which students choose from 3 businesses they want to start and go through a to-do list to start a business.

Games that help teach financial literacy
You’ll find lots of great games to teach financial literacy at this site.

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Social Entrepreneurship

Social Earth
Top 100 Social entrepreneurs, businesses and ideas.

PBS Series on the new Social entrepreneurs

Social Entrepreneurship
Online game about social entrepreneurship.

FEED Projects profile
A profile of FEED Projects., which makes reusable bags sold at Whole Foods, with the proceeds going toward UN’s World Food Programme. FEED now works directly with WFP, and other organizations such as UNICEF and Millennial Villages, to fund anti-hunger programs worldwide.

Life is Good profile
Bert and John Jacobs, founders of Life is Good (and brothers), describe how their message of optimism—and charitable giving—help drive sales.

Foundation Center
This site shows how teens who care can make a difference in the world.
Green up your business and your life with tips from this site

Start It up The Complete Teen Business Guide for Turning your Passions into Pay By Rankin, Kenrya
Create a plan for social entrepreneurship along with your business plan. This book includes a template for you to fill out that will guide you to make specific plans for giving back to your community.

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Effective Writing Resources

Grant Writing 101
This is geared towards Arts grants, but it’s a comprehensive resource on what you will be asked in a grant application, and clearly presented.

Writing for Entrepreneurs
Why you might want to keep a blog about your company and some tips for writing one.

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