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Anyone can learn to be an entrepreneur! Find out how you can decide which characteristics you need to develop.

Take these self-assessments to find out:

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Then, try out these activities to build your entrepreneurial characteristics.

Exploring my Passions: Try these activities to explore your passions and narrow down a venture you can get excited about!


Developing Entrepreneurial Initiative: What is initiative? Learn about this characteristic, and reflect on how you can show initiative.

Build Your Entrepreneurial Self:
Do this activity after you have tried out all three self-assessments in the Who, What, and How areas. What will you focus on? Use this activity to develop a plan to build your characteristics and skills, and learn new tasks


Version 4H On Parade Life Skills Show Video Desktop | Mobile (26.4 MB) video


Jeffrey Lunde – Welding: Watch the video. Desktop | Mobile (37.7 MB) video


Nicole Lamb - Bite Beef Video: Watch the video. Desktop | Mobile (31.2 MB) video

Deanna and Mark Muchka: Calgary Corn Maze Video: Watch the video Desktop | Mobile (31 MB) video


Rate Your Commitment: Commitment is a major characteristic of an entrepreneur. At the end of your year’s efforts with your venture, take a moment to rate how you stuck with your plan:

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