whatEntrepreneurs have many different jobs to do. What skills do you need to brush up on to get the job done?

Try the self-assessment to see what skills you need to focus on.

Using a desktop computer or mobile devices that supports Flash? Use these:

Want to print the quizzes and complete them on paper? Use these:

Then, try these activities to build your entrepreneurial skills.

Goal Setting: Find out the steps you need to take to reach your goal.


Road Map: Map out your goals and obstacles. Use this with Goal Setting—Level 1.

Business Planning Documents:
Use the following info sheets and templates for your business plan.

Pitch Polish:
Craft a one-minute description of your venture.


Berry Biz Year 1: Imagine you’re starting out selling strawberries… practice making the sort of decisions you would make in your first year of business. These decisions are things you’ll have to ask yourself no matter what your venture will be!

The Berry Biz: Year 1 flash player required

Berry Biz Year 2: Have you completed Year 1? Once you have, practice making the sort of decisions you would make in your second year of business.

The Berry Biz: Year 2 flash player required

Take It or Leave It: Complete this activity after you’ve participated in a Business Plan Workshop, to identify the changes you will make to your business plan.


Show Your Stuff: This activity will guide you through collecting a demonstration of how your venture has gone over the year.

You want to know more about the nuts and bolts of starting a business and making it work. Go further with the following resources:

If you need templates and tools to start your business, go to the Resource Area.