Entrepreneurial experts rate communication as the most important skill for an entrepreneur. How do your communication skills measure up?

Take these self-assessments to find out:

Using a desktop computer or mobile devices that supports Flash? Use these:

Want to print the quizzes and complete them on paper? Use these:


Then, strengthen your entrepreneurial communication with these activities:

Info sheets about networking:


Gathering Your Network: Map out your own personal and professional network.


What is Communication: An information sheet about communication skills. Read this before trying the activity on the impact of the three parts of communication.


Three Parts’ Impact: Raise your awareness of the importance of the different parts of communication.


Communicating with Websites: What makes a good venture website? This page gives an example of a venture’s front page with all the essential elements, and goes over how to use the web for your venture.


Customer Service Etiquette: Whether by phone, email, social networking, or in face-to-face interactions, you need to know how to mind your manners with customers. This info sheet gives you some tips.


Etiquette Activity: After you have read up on Customer Service Etiquette, test out your entrepreneurial etiquette with this quick quiz.


Customer Service and Technology: An info sheet about online communications.


Sample Email Activity: Point out what the writer is doing right. Try this after you have read the info sheet on Customer Service and Technology.


Community Mentors: Thinking about connecting with a mentor in your community—someone who can help you with your venture, answer questions, and give you guidance? This info sheet will give you some direction.


Interview an Entrepreneur: Before you interview an entrepreneur, do the following activity to help you draft questions to ask.

How can you as an entrepreneur make your business grow by working with others in your community? What connections can you make? Go further with the following resources:

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