Members' SupplementGetting Started

Getting Started with the Members’ Supplement

Entrepreneurism is a way of thinking that you can learn and practice. And before you know it, you’ll be seeing the benefits—in your 4-H project, and the rest of your life!

The supplement will help you do all of the following and more:

• Identify your entrepreneurial strengths
• Shape your passion into a concrete plan
• Build a team or connect to a community mentor
• Practice customer service skills
• Get ready to workshop your plan or pitch your ideas in your 4-H club
• Practice entrepreneurial decision-making

So now that you’re here, what are you going to do? Begin by taking stock of your characteristics and skills.

Each of the development areas (Who, What, and How) contains a self-assessment tool that gives you feedback on where you stand now, and what you can do to develop as an entrepreneur.

For some of the activities, you can choose which level you want to complete.  Level 1 is designed for Jr. members, and Levels 2 and 3 are for Intermediate and Senior members. But feel free to try which ever level feels right for you!


If you come across an entrepreneurial term you don't know, check out the Glossary. You can search alphabetically for definitions to over 60 terms from the world of entrepreneurism.


Visit this section for links to resources outside of the Venture Out site. Your club leader or Members Supplement activities may also refer you to specific sections in the Resources area.


The Media section is a place to access all the Flash media, videos, and video quizzes in one place.

Where you’ll find activities for finding your passion and developing your initiative. This is also where you can see some other 4-H past and present members talking about their entrepreneurial efforts. Learn more...

Where you’ll find information about connecting with a mentor, learn to pitch your ideas, and lots of tips and practice for communicating like an entrepreneur. Learn more...

Where you can practice entrepreneurial decision-making, and develop marking and business plans. Learn more...