5. User's Guide: Self-Assessment Tools

Level 1 Self-assessments are written to raise the younger members’ awareness about entrepreneurial concepts, and where they might stand in relationship to their level of comfort with the characteristics, skills, and communication styles of an entrepreneur. The feedback the Level 1 Members will receive will not give them direction on how to develop these concepts in themselves the way the Level 2/3 ones do. Instead, the member can discuss their self-assessment with you, and you can then decide what activity he or she is ready to take on, and sharing information contained in the relevant tip sheets with them.

Level 2/3 Self-assessments include a feedback message for the members—a tip for adopting the characteristic, directions to a specific section of the Resource Area, or an activity in the member supplement. The questions are worded in more complex terms, and the feedback reviews the concepts in more depth. Your own assessment of the member will play a part in deciding whether a member is ready for the Level 2/3 assessment tools.

The tip sheets are provided for you to discuss the different characteristics, skills, and communication styles of an entrepreneur with your members.

You will find:

• Entrepreneurial Characteristics: 1 single tip sheet for all
• Entrepreneurial Communication: A tip sheet for each skill
• Entrepreneurial Skills: A tip sheet for each skill