3. User's Guide: Directing 4-H Members to the Project Supplement and Resources

Check out the Members Supplement side of this site. In between club meetings, direct members to complete the members’ supplement activity that you choose. Most of these activities are designed as printables—the member can download the fillable pdf, complete the activity on their own, then print completed page(s) out for their record book.

You can use the Making Connections chart to find out what Member Supplement activities and resources relate to the Leader Kit activities.

What to do First?

The first activity you direct the members to complete should be the self-assessment. There is a self-assessment tool for each of the three areas of development.

• The member can complete the assessment online at home, a library or school and print their results.
• The member can complete a print version of the supplement.

Ask them to bring their completed self-assessment to the next meeting, so you can talk about developing their entrepreneurial profile in needed areas.

The next step would be to have the members try out the goal setting activity for their level, after talking to them about ideas for how to put an entrepreneurial twist on their 4-H project.

If you have members without online access If members do not have access to the online resource from home or at a community resource like a school or library, then they should be provided with print copies of the activities.