2. User's Guide: Planning for your Meetings

As a 4-H leader, you need to do some advance planning to use the Venture Out project supplement—luckily, that’s as easy as selecting a leader and member activity, printing out your instructions, and taking them with you to your club meeting!

In your 4-H Club meetings:

• Focus on one area of development at a time (Who, How, or What).
• For each meeting devoted to the entrepreneurial supplement, choose just one activity from the
development area you’ve chosen to focus on.
• Refer your members to the Member Supplement area of the website, and a particular activity if
you are assigning one to be done before the next meeting.

Ahead of your meetings:

• Most of the activities are designed to be done within 30 minutes, with minor preparation (you may have
to gather some commonplace items that are not included in your Leaders’ Kit.)
• Read through all the activities. Certain activities support other activities, and some activities require the members to bring items from home, so they need advanced notice. For these cases you will see a message: Note: in the activity.
• Decide if you want your members to complete an activity from the Members Supplement area of the website
after your meeting, on their own time.

There are more activities here than you could possibly run in a year of 4-H! That’s so you can choose different entrepreneurial development activities with your members each year. In a typical 4-H year, you might do eight Leader Kit activities—which means you could be well into your fourth year with a group before you would reuse material!