1.User's Guide: Overview

Leading your club members in developing their entrepreneurial skills is a way to nurture and cultivate future leaders who will benefit their community. Entrepreneurial development is all about getting the members to define their own success, supporting them to meet their goals during the club year, and providing feedback throughout their experience.

You don't have to be an entrepreneur yourself!

Do you like to see your club members interested, engaged, and stretching their horizons? Do you like to see them inspired and motivated? Most importantly, do you like to see them having fun? Venture Out aims to cover all those bases.

You will explore the key concepts of entrepreneurship with the 4-H members through the activities and media presented in this Leaders’ Kit. You will also direct the members to use activities in the Member Supplement side of the website on their own time—or if you have online access during your meetings, you may devote some club time to this.

Please read through the activities before you use this kit. Certain activities piggyback on other activities, and some activities require the members to bring items from home, so they need advance notice. In these cases, you will be notified in the activity that a previous one is required.

Note: if you’re having trouble viewing the Venture Out site or loading resources from the site, you may need to update your browser.

Areas of Development

Both the Leaders’ Kit and Member Supplement are divided into three main areas of development:
• The Who section illustrates entrepreneurial characteristics.
• The How section illustrates working styles and communication.
• The What section illustrates the skills required for the tasks of entrepreneurial ventures like goal
setting, business planning, and decision-making.

Who: Thinking Like An Entrepreneur

This part of the Leader Kit introduces who an entrepreneur is and some common characteristics that
they share, including creative thinking, brainstorming, and visioning.

How: Working With Others

The How section challenges members to be self-aware as they work with others, and what it takes to be
part of a team. The activities involve communication, problem solving, team building, decision-making,
and conflict resolution.

What: Tasks of an Entrepreneur

Leadership skills, marketing, pitching and workshopping a business plan are all tasks of an
entrepreneur that members practise in the third part of the Leader Kit.

Media Portal/Resources/Forum

Videos and Multimedia Activities

The video and multimedia activities are incorporated throughout the Member Supplement. If you want to
go directly to a linked list of these items, visit the Media Portal, or access the multimedia on the Venture

Resource Area

Tools and templates, entrepreneurial education resources, in-depth business planning information—all
of this and more is located in the resources area of the site. Throughout the Members’ area, there are
references to these resources. On the “Go Further” page in each of the areas of development, we’ve
included some specific mention of resources members will want to check out if they’re looking to go
further with their entrepreneurial experience.

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