It is crucial to keep everyone informed and involved in the process of developing a school-based 4-H club. This includes:

  • school administration,
  • school staff members,
  • students (potential members),
  • parents,
  • school board, and
  • school jurisdiction administration.

Steps to Assist with Gaining Approval

  1. Contact the Regional 4-H Specialist for your area.
  2. Establish an organizational committee of stakeholders from each group to assist with all aspects of this project.
  3. Invite the Key Leader from your 4-H district to meet with the committee in order to provide valuable information and assistance regarding the 4-H program and new club development. (Key Leader information is available from your Regional Specialist.)
  4. Research and develop a proposal to present to the stakeholders, include the following information: See Sample Forms and Letters.
    • outline the Alberta 4-H program
    • complete description of your school’s proposed program
    • benefits to each of the stakeholders
    • family/parental involvement
    • potential curriculum fit for your school
    • fees and how they will be paid
    • fundraising
    • possible partnerships for funding the operation
    • budget and funding request (if funding is needed)
    • communication plan with stakeholders
    • marketing plan
    • accountability and measures
  5. A well thought out proposal demonstrates how serious your committee is, it also provides visual, hands-on information. Be clear, concise and to the point.

    Try to anticipate potential questions from all stakeholders and include the information in the proposal. Basically become the skeptics from each group; ask what would you want to know.

    Refer to the Stakeholder FAQs section following these steps for questions that these groups may ask; include the information that may pertain to your situation.

  6. Invite staff, the school board and division administration, and parents to a meeting to present your proposal (in some cases it may be necessary to meet with groups separately depending on the situation).
    • Communicate with parents who may not have attended the meeting by sending the information home.
  7. If given the go-ahead by your stakeholder groups, it is time to present information to students.
    • When presenting the proposal to students, verbally present the information during the school day (provide copies if requested).
    • Invite the Key Member from your 4-H district to help present the information and answer questions students may have (contact your Regional Specialist for the Key Member in your area).
    • Have the student committee member assist.
    • Include exactly how the 4-H program could impact and benefit them.
    • If you have any students in extracurricular 4-H clubs, have them share their experience.
    • Be sure to answer all questions.
    • To wrap up this session, play some 4-H games, let them know 4-H is FUN!