To Students

  • any 4-H age student can participate regardless of academic or athletic abilities
  • opens the 4-H doors to more members who may not otherwise get the chance to participate
  • develop independence, self-confidence, and responsibility
  • develop problem solving, decision making and goal setting skills
  • develop leadership skills
  • expand life skills
  • develop communication skills
  • learn the value of community service
  • make a difference to themselves, their school, community and world
  • possibility to gain high school credits
  • take ownership of their projects by incorporating their own interests and ideas
  • opportunity to work with multi-aged students
  • chance to participate in any opportunity given to 4-H members (scholarships, summer programs, etc.)

To Staff Leaders

  • incorporate creativity in program delivery (no set curriculum to follow)
  • create a partnership with members by working and learning together on projects
  • less planning time required as 4-H resources are very well developed and inclusive
  • assist with developing relationships and leadership opportunities for members especially in cross graded programs
  • opportunity to work with multi age members
  • no formal grading or marking
  • 4-H program fits in well with moral intelligence programs
  • leadership and travel opportunities

To Schools

  • can become the option program
  • can be offered/scheduled in a variety of ways that suit each school
  • can be set up as a cross graded program
  • aspects of the 4-H program enhance curriculum outcomes
  • creative way to develop leadership, life skills, responsibility, decision making and a variety of other skills into the school day
  • offers a program to age appropriate students that does not involve academic or athletic ability

To School Jurisdictions

  • as school districts and their boards work towards the needs of their students, staffs and schools, all of the above benefits are applicable

To the Community

  • brings school and community together
  • develops skills in youth that will later assist in the community
  • provides volunteer opportunities for community members to work youth