• Volunteer adult leaders must be at least 18 years of age.
  • All adult volunteers must be elected or approved by the members each year.
  • All new leaders must be approved by a regional screening committee. Existing leaders must be re-certified every five years.
  • All new leaders must complete a training program within 12 months of being approved by a screening committee.
  • A person cannot be registered as both a 4-H member and adult leader in the same year.

Volunteer Leader Screening

To ensure a safe environment in which young people can learn and grow, the Alberta 4-H program has a volunteer screening process for all registered volunteers.

The screening process requires the following:

  • Completion of an application form,
  • Submission of three references,
  • Criminal record check, and
  • Completion of Level 1 Leader Training either through a workshop, or the online quiz (available on the 4-H website) within the first year.

4-H volunteers must be re-certified every five years. It is the responsibility of the club’s General Leader to ensure that the leader screening process is followed.

Sources: A Guide for Alberta 4-H Families
Leaders’ Information Manual

Volunteer Opportunities

4-H volunteers are the backbone of the program. Volunteers share their desire to help young people learn the skills needed to become successful in life. They bring enthusiasm, energy, skills and knowledge. At the same time, they are given the chance to:

  • assist members in meeting planning,
  • facilitate the organization of club events,
  • find creative ways to develop project skills of members,
  • teach record keeping,
  • be a friend, mentor and advisor to the members,
  • motivate and encourage members,
  • complete the screening process, and
  • participate on district, regional or provincial councils and committees.

Volunteer Leader Positions

General Leader
The club’s General Leader has the primary responsibility to lead the club through its annual work.

Assistant Leader
The club’s Assistant Leader supports the General Leader and carries out designated duties.

Project Leader
The Project Leader is responsible to teach members technical knowledge and project skills, while contributing to the mission of the Alberta 4-H program.

For further information about the details of each position, refer to the Leaders’ Information Manual.

Key Leaders
Every district has a volunteer Key Leader to assist 4-H leaders and district councils with questions and concerns; they also assist new clubs and leaders. Contact your regional specialist for the name of your district’s Key Leader.