• Youth who have reached their ninth birthday and have not reached their twenty-first birthday by January 1 of the current club 4-H year can join.
  • Youth who are younger or older than the official 4-H age limits cannot be members.
  • The club year runs from October 1 to September 30 of each year.
  • The member’s provincial 4-H registration fee must be paid before the member will receive any project supplies or can participate in any district, regional, provincial or national 4-H programs.


Under or over age youth will not:

  • be listed on the club’s official registration form
  • receive any supplies provided by the organization
  • be covered by the 4-H liability and other insurance policies

Refer to FAQs for participation by underage members.

Member Age Categories

Each 4-H member will participate for the entire club year in one of the following categories which is determined by the age of that member on or before December 31 of the current club year:

- Junior
(at least nine years of age and not more than 11 years)

- Intermediate
(at least 12 years of age and not more than 14 years)

- Senior
(at least 15 years of age and not more than 20 years)

Basic Member Expectations

All 4-H members must meet the following basic expectations in order to receive credit for a club year and to be eligible to attend provincial programs:

  • Complete a record book for each project registered in and have them signed by the club or project leader,
  • Attend a minimum of 70% of club activities,
  • Complete a communication activity that is:
    • prepared by the member,
    • presented by the member in front of a group, and
    • at least three minutes in length.
  • Complete a community service activity, and
  • Participate in the club’s achievement event. If the member or his/her project is unavailable, prior arrangement must be made with the leader for the member to still participate in some aspect of the event.

Member Opportunities

All 4-H members are given the chance to:

  • make decisions,
  • work in teams,
  • develop self-confidence,
  • communicate through public speaking and writing,
  • hold effective meetings,
  • become goal oriented,
  • develop leadership skills,
  • make a difference,
  • build friendships within Alberta, Canada and around the world,
  • win awards, trips, scholarships and bursaries, and
  • have fun at club, district, regional and provincial activities.

Key Members

Through their youth perspective and experiences in 4-H, these senior members play a vital role in promoting opportunities, educating members and enhancing the 4-H program at club and district levels. Contact your regional specialist for the name of the Key Member in your area.