4-H clubs consist of at least eight members between the ages of nine and 20. Each member must work through one of the available projects. Clubs may offer a single project or a variety of projects.


  • All clubs must submit an accurate and complete club registration form by December 1. A club must be registered before supplies will be issued and the 4-H insurance is in effect. Any clubs that register after December 1 must pay a $100 late fee. New clubs, registering after December 1, with the approval of the region’s 4-H specialist, do not owe a late registration fee.
  • The club leader, club contact, and a majority of the club members must be residents of Alberta.
  • Each club must have a minimum of eight members.
  • Each club must have at least one adult leader. Additional leaders are usually needed to assist with projects and activities.
  • Each club must elect, from among the club members, an executive to handle their club affairs. Parents are welcome to attend club executive meetings but should save their comments and questions until after the agenda has been covered.
  • Each club must hold a minimum of six business meetings during the club year. A business meeting is any meeting where the club members conduct business using parliamentary procedures.


  • All personal information of members and leaders (including addresses and phone numbers) must be kept confidential. This information should be released to people outside the club only with permission of the individual (or parent if a member is younger than 18).
  • According to the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act, any person who has reasonable and probable grounds to believe that a child is in need of protective services is legally bound to report it.

Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-387-5437(KIDS)

Source: Leaders’ Information Manual