Club Week

Registration is CLOSED


Who can attend: Members aged 15 - 20

Dates: Jul 21-26, 2019


Early Bird Registration Deadline: Jan 31 - Apr 15

Early Bird Registration Cost: $325


Registration Deadline: Apr 16 - extended to May 15

Regular Registration Cost $404


Location: Hinton Training Centre, HINTON AB

Club Week


Club Week is a personal development program for 4-H senior members, ages 15 to 20. The overall goal of Club Week is for delegates to learn about themselves and others through small group discussions on topics that are pertinent to their lives.

The majority of the program is undertaken in a small group, led by a volunteer facilitator. In this group they discuss, analyze and make sense of important ideas. The volunteer facilitator provides mentorship and leadership to the group.

Club Week is an enrichment program - it focuses on the delegate being the learner and the teacher. This happens through discussion based learning, mentoring relationships, and hands-on social learning. Club Week is a collaborative environment, with the goal of broadening our 4-H members’ ideas and understanding of the world.

The Club Week program consists of sessions undertaken in a small group. In addition, delegates have the opportunity to plan a portion of the program, they participate in large group activities (open space technology, group challenges, overcoming adversity speaking session), and fun activities (dances, physical and leisure sessions, and free time).

Club Week is about daring to be ourselves; however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.

Typical Day at Club Week

A typical day at Club Week  looks like this:

7:00 am                Breakfast
8:00 am                Morning Reflection and News and Views
8:30 am                Fire It Up and Working Group Meeting
9:00 am                Morning Small Group Sessions
11:00 am             Morning Activity Sessions
12:00 pm             Lunch
1:00 pm               Afternoon Small Group Sessions
3:00 pm                Afternoon Activity Sessions
4:00 pm               Program-wide speciality event
5:00 pm                Dinner
6:00 pm               Free Time
6:30 pm               Evening Programming/Speakers
8:00 pm               Snack
8:30 pm               Evening Programming
10:00 pm             Debrief and Deep THoughts
10:30 pm             Ready for bed

Our program-wide specialty events and evening programming may include small group competitions (past competitions include: paper fashion show, junk machine), a halloween dance, speakers, special banquet dinner and dance, a talent show, a trivia night, personality testing, and open space technology.

Our activity sessions (morning and afternoon) are an hour to unwind and relax and participate in activities that interest you. You will pre-register for your activity sessions and your finalized activity schedule will be available to you at the program registration.

 Meal Times

Meals are served buffet-style three times a day, with additional snack times. Our chefs create a variety of tasty but nutritious offerings. We accomodate guests with vegetarian, gluten-free, and lactose free diets.

About the Facility

The Hinton Training Centre, operated by the Government of Alberta, sits on a 14-hectare (35-acre) ridge in the middle of Hinton, a town of about 10,000 in the central Foothill region of Alberta. It includes an academic building, two residences (Mountain View and Valley View) with accomodation for 172, a dining hall, a gymnasium, and a 1.1 kilometre interpretive trail.

The facility provides linen for the duration of your stay, which consists of two sheets, a pillowcase and pillow, and a comforter. Please note - you are not permitted to bring your own linen or bedding due to strict bed bug policies. You will be responsible for bringing your own towels.

Carpool Compensation

If you carpool four delegates or more, you may receive $100 per direction if coming from more than 250km. This is an application process after the program has concluded. Forms may be picked up at sign-out from the program on July 26.

Please Note:

  • Club Week is open to every senior member in every 4-H club. Senior members may attend this program more than once.

Club Week

Dates: Jul 21-26, 2019

Location: Hinton Training Centre, HINTON AB

Drop off time: Jul 21 between 2:00-3:00 pm

Pick-up time: Jul 26 between 1:00-1:30 pm*

*Lunch served before departure


Program Location – Directions:

Hinton Training Centre – Hinton, AB

The Hinton Training Centre is situated 290km west of Edmonton. Please refer to the Hinton training Centre website for detailed information on the campus:

Registration will be held in Mountain View Residence and Dining Hall.

If you type into google maps “Hinton training Centre” it will take you to the facility.  


If you have signed up for the carpool list, a separate email will be sent to you. You will be responsible for making all arrangements with other families and to coordinate the necessary arrangements yourself. You will only be included in the carpooling list if you selected that option during registration.  

Pick Up/Drop Off Times:

If you are delayed more than 10 minutes, please call the program as soon as possible so that a message can be given the camp directors .

If you are going to be arriving late, please let the program know of your approximate arrival time.

You must sign in and sign out when arriving and departing from the program. When you arrive, please park your car and come inside the registration area to sign our forms.                                                                                                                                              

Packing List: 

Prohibited Items:

  • No cigarettes, vapes, alcohol, cannabis, drugs (camper will be sent home if items are brought to camp with them – prescription drugs that are doctor prescribed are okay but must be provided to the camp staff);
  • No weapons (including small knives – campers will be sent home if this item is packed with them as per our program agreement);
  • No hairdryers, hair straighteners, curling irons (will blow the breakers);
  • No perfumes or aerosol deodorants;
  • No jewelry, money, or anything of significant value (no expensive cameras, mp3 players, etc. – we strongly suggest that campers leave phones at home – the camp has a phone if campers need to call home);
  • No permanent markers;
  • No candy or food (unless provided to kitchen staff due to food intolerances/allergies) (these items will bring unnecessary pests to the living quarters, may affect another camper(s) who has serious food allergies, may cause jealousy).
  • No Bedding (including your own pillow)
  •  4-H Alberta is not responsible for lost, missing, stolen, or damaged items – therefore if there is an item that has any significance or value to the camper, please do not pack that item.  

Required Items:

  • Closed toe shoes (ideally sneakers/runners)
  • T-shirts
  • Sweater
  • Shorts
  • Long Pants (many sessions are inside and the building is air conditioned – if you get cold easily you will be wearing long pants and sweaters inside!)
  • Socks/Underwear
  • Pyjamas
  • Sunscreen
  • Re-fillable waterbottle
  • Toiletries
  • Towel
  • Clothing for Banquet (a dress shirt, a casual dress, etc.)
  • Costume for Costume Dance (a Halloween costume)
  • Required prescription medications with instructions, in a ziplock bag
  • Optional: If you have a pen or pencil that you really like to use, please bring it – we will be using a workbook at this program and there will be writing exercises involved.

Click here to access the form for the Club Week Facilitator - deadline May 1


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4-H Alberta Provincial Event Registration Policies

  • Online Registration opens at 12:00 am on the first day of registration and is available 24 hours a day until midnight of the registration deadline.
  • Registration is not considered complete until full payment is received.
  • All requests for registration after the deadline will be accepted at the sole discretion of the program lead and will be subject to an additional fee of $50.00.
  • An administrative fee of $50.00 will be retained on all cancellations. Cancellations received less than 14 days before the event start date will forfeit the entire registration fee unless a delegate replacement is available or extenuating circumstances are at play.