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4-H Alberta recognizes the tremendous impact sponsors have on 4-H's ability to deliver a quality product. In addition to financial support, many of our sponsors raise the community profile of 4-H by displaying and promoting the 4-H logo.

We rely on the support from the community, the dedication of our volunteers and the generosity of our financial partners to exist in a synergy whose end result is producing the leaders of tomorrow from the youth of today. Sponsorship plays an integral role inthe operation of the 4-H Alberta program. It is a key reason why our 4-H program effectively meets the needs of its members and adult volunteer leaders.

For more information on 4-H partnerships, please contact:

Leah Jones
Chief Executive Officer, 4-H Foundation of Alberta
Cell: 403-869-3528
Office: 780-682-2153
Toll Free: 1-877-682-2153



Lisa Patzer
Director, Partnerships Development
Direct: 780-352-1148
Bus: 780-682-2153
Toll Free: 1-877-682-2153


Sponsor Recognition Levels

Legacy Builders

$75,000+ in annual kind contributions and cash

Legacy Builders are involved at all levels of our program; club, district, regional and provincial. Being at the highest sponsor level for 4-H Alberta, Legacy Builders contribute staff time, company resources and funding to support 4-H Alberta.


4-H Alberta Enhancers - Alberta Recycling Management Authority





4-H Alberta Legacy Builders – ATB Financial




4-H Loan Application

4-H Alberta Legacy Builders – AltaLink



4-H Alberta Legacy Builders - Calgary Stampede



4-H Alberta Legacy Builders - Safeway Operations





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$40,000 to $74,999 annual in kind contributions and cash

Enhancers are involved in at least one of the club, district or regional program levels in addition to being involved at the provincial level. As members of 4-H Alberta's second highest sponsorship level, Enhancers contribute staff time, company resources and funding to support 4-H Alberta.

4-H Alberta - Enhancers - AFSC



4-H Alberta - Enhancers - Government of Canada

4-H Alberta - Enhancers - Kubota



4-H Alberta Enhancers - Lammle's Western Wear & Tack

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$10,999 to $39,999 annually in kind contributions and cash

Champions are involved at a provincial level and in at least one of the three following program levels: club, district, or regional. As members of 4-H Alberta's third highest sponsor level, Champions contribute staff time, company resources and funding to 4-H Alberta.



4-H Alberta Champions - AgCall 4-H Alberta Champions - Agrium 4-H Alberta Champions - Alberta Beef Producers
4-H Alberta Champions - CAPL

4-H Alberta Champions - CIBC

4-H Alberta Champions - Dow

4-H Alberta Champions - Fortis Alberta

4-H Alberta Champions - Gas Alberta Inc.

4-H Alberta Champions - GranTierra Energy Inc.


4-H Alberta Champions - ITS Travel & Cruise Centres

4-H and I.T.S. Travel




4-H Alberta Champions - MEGlobal

4-H Alberta Champions - Monsanto

4-H Alberta Enhancers - Northlands
4-H Alberta Champions - Olds College

4-H Alberta Champions - Servus


4-H Alberta Champions - University of Alberta

4-H Alberta Champions - The Western Producer

4-H Alberta Champions - WestGen Endowment Fund



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$2,500 to $9,999 annually in kind contributions and cash

Advocates are involved in at least one of the club, district or regional program levels in addition to being involved at the provincial level.  

  • Canadian Natural Resources Limited
  • D.A.D.S Hoe Service
  • Farm Credit Canada
  • Federated Co-operatives Limited
  • Integrity Post Structures
  • Livestock Identification Services
  • Olds Regional Exhibition
  • Syngenta Canada
  • Viterra Inc.,

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Up to $2,499 annually in contributions

Supporters are involved at a provincial level. Supporters contribute to programming, scholarships or 4-H AlbertaMagazine Advertising. 

  • Alberta Dairy Industry
  • Alberta Lamb Producers
  • Alberta Milk
  • Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers Limited
  • Canadian Sheep Breeders Association
  • Encana
  • Foothills Creamery
  • Interstate Battery Association
  • Marquee Energy
  • Meadowbrook Greenhouses
  • Merial Canada Inc.
  • Second Change Livestock
  • The Battery Doctor

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4-H Alberta offers members the opportunity to individually realize up to $2,500 in provincial scholarship funds.

By completing one online application, 4-H members will be considered for all of the 4-H Alberta Scholarships for which they are eligible. Applicants can only receive one (1) 4-H Alberta Scholarship, but may also receive a region or district scholarship each year. A number of regional and district scholarships are available to 4-H members also by filling out the online application.


  • A&E Cappelle LN Herefords 4-H Scholarship

  • Alberta Beef Producers 4-H Scholarship

  • Andy Little Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • ATB Financial 4-H Scholarship

  • Agriculture Financial Services Corporation 4-H Scholarship

  • Bill Janssen Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • CAPL 4-H Scholarship

  • Cole Lawrence Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • Cossey Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • Dixon Shield Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • East Central 4-H Scholarship

  • Earl Christopherson 4-H Scholarship

  • Edith Taylor Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • Empowering 4-H Scholarship

  • Encana 4-H Scholarship

  • Exxon Mobil Canada Limited 4-H Scholarship

  • 4-H Foundation of Alberta Scholarship

  • George Pimm Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • Gerald and Jean Isley Family Scholarship in Memory of Sonya Isley

  • Glen Bodell Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • Gloria Faye Metzler 4-H Memorial Scholarship

  • Gran Tierra Energy 4-H Scholarship

  • Greg McCoy Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • Growing Alberta 4-H Scholarship

  • Irene M. Leavitt Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • Jaron Arntzen Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • Jerry and Margaret Hall 4-H Scholarship

  • John M. Romanchuk 4-H Scholarship

  • Ken Edgerton Memorial 4-H Scholarship


  • Minburn Wild Rose 4-H District Scholarship

  • MNP Livestock 4-H Scholarship

  • New Horizon Co-op 4-H Scholarship

  • Nicki Wrubleski Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • Norma Jean Gray 4-H Scholarship

  • Peace Regional 4-H Scholarship

  • Pennington Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • Nicki Wrubleski Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • Norma Jean Gray 4-H Scholarship

  • Peace Regional 4-H Scholarship

  • Pennington Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • Pibroch & District Agricultural Society 4-H Scholarship

  • Robert Huff 4-H Scholarship

  • Robert Sherwood Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • Rocky Mountain Equipment 4-H Scholarship

  • Rod Andrews Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • Shirley Story (Trimble) Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • Thomas Caryk Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • Trevor Housman Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • Tronia Systems 4-H Scholarship

  • Vermilion River 4-H District Scholarship

  • Walter Lipkewich Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • West Central Regional 4-H Scholarship

  • Western Producer 4-H Scholarship

  • Wetaskiwin District 4-H Scholarship

  • Wetaskiwin District 4-H Memorial Scholarship

  • Woodgrove Unifarm Local 4-H Scholarship

  • X-Calibur 4-H Scholarship

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4-H Canada Partners


4-H Alberta would like to recognize the efforts of 4-H Canada in securing funding from the following organizations on our behalf:

  • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • Agrium Inc.
  • Bayer CropScience
  • Canadian Heritage – Government of Canada
  • Farm Credit Canada
  • Merial/Trans Canada Inc.
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Syngenta Canada Inc.
  • The Co-operators

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2013 Contributions (January 1, 2013 - December 31, 2013)

A donation is defined by Canada Revenue Agency as a voluntary transfer of cash or property to the Foundation that is made without acceptance of any benefit of any kind accruing to the donor or any individual or organization designated by the donor. Donations may include: cash; assets and tangible property; securities; bequests and grants. A donation is eligible for an official charitable donation receipt.


Donors to Alberta 4-H Centre Facility:

  • Northwest Region 4-H Council
  • Sharon Uhrich - In Memory of Ken Uhrich
  • Wolf Creek Outdoor Pursuits

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Donors to 4-H Alberta Clubs:

  • 4-H Odyssey
  • Arrowwood River Wranglers
  • Bon Accord 4-H
  • Cheadle 4-H
  • Consort Creative Hands
  • Crowfoot Livestock 4-H
  • Gibbons 4-H Lighthorse
  • Gilby 4-H Beef
  • Golden Rod 4-H Multi
  • Hussar 4-H Beef
  • Irricana 4-H Beef Multi
  • Knee Hill Valley 4-H Beef
  • Leduc 4-H Beef
  • Looma Lights Light Horse
  • Medicine Hat & District 4-H Beef Committee
  • Millarville Saddle Sores
  • Strathmore 4-H Multi
  • Whitecourt Multi 4-H

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Donors to 4-H Alberta Councils:

  • Community Donations - Building Fund - Provost 4-H District Council
  • Red Deer Community Foundation - Stettler District 4-H Council
  • Servus Credit Union - Sturgeon District 4-H Show & Sale
  • FortisAlberta - Westlock District 4-H Council

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Donors to 4-H Alberta Legacy Fund:

  • Alberta Canadian Agri-Marketing Association
  • Alliance Mercantile
  • Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen - Peace Region
  • Canadian Online Giving
  • CMR Consulting through Lockend Industry Producers Group
  • Marie Davis through Cenovus Employee Foundation
  • Michael de Kok through Monsanto Field Check Program
  • Sidney Livingstone through Team TELUS Cares
  • Long Love this Land - ATB Financial
  • Keith Luft - through  PennWest Match & Magnify Program
  • Milo & District Agricultural Society
  • Northlands - Heavy Horse Pull
  • Northlands - Kim Penner Painting Auction
  • Erin Olesen through Encana Cares
  • STRY Rural Electrification Association

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United Way of Calgary - Donor Choice Program

  • Jessica Wilkinson through Cenovus Employee Foundation
  • Darryl Williamson through Cenovus Employee Foundation 

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Donors to In Memory Donations:

  • Cecil Anderson
  • Jaron Arntzen
  • Carlie Bell
  • Dorothy Cameron
  • Ralph Cossey
  • Ron Israelson
  • Jim Madden
  • Greg McCoy
  • Greg Patten
  • Shirley Rasmussen
  • Vair Reid
  • Nicol Stone-Leimert
  • Edith Walker
  • Michelle Weitzel

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