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Fundraisers can help your club earn money to cover the costs of club administration and social activities. When selecting a fundraising initiative ensure that it projects a positive image of 4‑H, provides an educational experience, is profitable and is appropriate and safe for those involved.

Below are fundraising suggestions to help your club select a appropriate fundraiser. The organizations who offer these products have met a list of criteria set by the Provincial 4‑H Fundraising Committee. However, the 4‑H Branch, Alberta 4‑H Council and 4‑H Foundation of Alberta do not necessarily endorse the products or organizations. Please note that the suggestions are classified into one of three categories: Recycling, Product and Commission.

Each fundraiser has their own individual criteria and objectives to be met. Please read the information carefully and fully prior to selecting a fundraiser for your club.


Fundraising Tips

Good Fundraising activities should:

Involve participation by all members
Be a learning and educational experience
Have a purpose
Teach teamwork
Project a positive image of 4‑H
Make money for the club
Be appropriate for the age group doing the fundraising
Be organized
Provide a public service
Have a beginning and an end
Have all members agree to do it
Be productive: effort = returns
Be evaluated

Additional information on each of the fundraisers listed below and the companies that supply them is available by downloading the PDF attached or by contacting the 4‑H Foundation of Alberta at 1-877-682-2153 (toll-free) or 780-682-2153 or


4-H Clubs Can Make an Impact Supporting Ronald McDonald House®


Every year Alberta 4-H clubs, members and leaders help out a number of charities, either by donating money, providing volunteer hours or supporting community events. 

The Ronald McDonald Houses in Alberta and Alberta 4-H have partnered to create a meaningful leadership experience for 4-H members and clubs. 

There are three Ronald McDonald Houses in Alberta.  Each House provides a compassionate, safe and affordable home away from home for out-of-town families and sick children who are receiving treatment in a local Calgary, Edmonton or Red Deer hospital. 

If your club, individual members or leaders are looking for community service activities, events to get involved in or a venue to volunteer at, you may want to suggest supporting the Ronald McDonald Houses throughout Alberta.  4-H kids can help Ronald McDonald House kids!  

4-H Forms:       Fundraising Form  |  I want to make an impact

Ronald McDonald House Recognizes 4-H for its Efforts!

Each September, Ronald McDonald House will recognize 4-H clubs and individuals in Alberta who have generously contributed.  Click here to find out how your club can be recognized as Champions of the House! 

4-H Youth Can Help Ronald McDonald House by:


  • Plan a fundraising event (auctions, golf tournaments, car washes, bake sales, donations in lieu of gifts at birthday parties). 

  • Make a memorial tribute.

  • Donate your club calf or personal steer calf proceeds.

  • Donate online, by phone or by mail.  You can select one or all 3 Ronald McDonald Houses in Alberta to be recipients.  

  • Donate items on the Ronald McDonald House Wish List.   

Participate in a Ronald McDonald House Event by pledging, participating or volunteering in events like:

  • Cassie Campbell Street Hockey Festival (May)

  • Rock the House Run (August)

  • Red Shoe Crawl (August)

Pull ‘em and Save ‘em!

Have a Cleaver Kid?  Get them to head up a collection for the Pull Tab Program!  It is an easy program for your members to get involved and help make a difference

Click here to read more about the Pull Tab Program. 

For more information on how your club can get involved contact:


Rhanda Bonet-Graham
Development Manager
Ronald McDonald House Central Alberta
(D) 403.340.2007 ext. 105 (c) 403.506.6726


4-H Foundation of Alberta




The Battery Doctor

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Interstate Battery

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IVOMEC & EPRINEX 4-H BoxBack Program


Tire Recycling

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Electronic Recycling

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Alberta Highway Clean Up

The highway cleanup program is held annually on the first or second Saturday in May, as weather permits. Clubs may request certain sections of Highways, but award will depend on availability (first come first serve basis). The amount of kilometres awarded will depend on the number of participants. Alberta Transportation recommends one kilometre for every two participants. For example if an organization has 20 participants then the maximum number of kilometres awarded will be approximately 10. Payment will be made on a per km basis at the rates shown below.

  • “A” Rate (Urban Rate) - $100.00/km of highway right-of-way cleaned on both sides. This rate shall apply to all roadways within 16 kms of an urban center that has a population of over 5,000.
  • “B” Rate (Special Area Rate) - $100.00/km of highway right-of-way cleaned on both sides. The department shall identify all Special Area roadways prior to cleanup registration day. The Minister’s representative, may, at their discretion, deem a roadway to be a special area roadway due to an unusually high concentration of garbage.
  • “C” Rate (Rural Rate) - $55.00/km of highway right-of-way cleaned on both sides, on all other roadways.

Participants must be at least 9 years of age. Suggested supervision is 1 adult for every 2 children under the age of 14. Participants 14-18 years of age require less supervision (5 per adult supervisor).

For the safety of all participants, the medians on divided highways are not to be cleaned. Only the outer ditches shall be cleaned on divided highways. Participants are required to take safety training.

Filled garbage bags are placed along the outer edge of the highway shoulders and will be disposed of by the Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation maintenance contractor.

Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation will supply all necessary materials including safety manuals, safety vests and garbage bags.

Your participation in the Annual Highway Cleanup Program or Caring for Alberta's Highways (Adopt-a-Highway) Program is welcome.

The annual highway cleanup program is set-up as a fundraiser event. Although the program was originally established for associations such as the 4H and Scouts, all groups and clubs are now encouraged to participate.

Highway Cleanup Programs  |  Managing Supervisor's Handbook  |  Supervisor Training - YouTube 
Safety Plan Form  | Incident Report Form  |  Evalutation Report Form

Participant Guidelines and Rules  |  Participant Training - YouTube

Alberta Transportation Highway Cleanup Contacts  | Alberta Transportation Highway Cleanup Web Site






4‑H Cookbooks

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 Calendars and Journals


Horse Savvy Publications

Order Form

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 Around the home


Meadowbrook Greenhouses Inc.


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 4‑H Friendly Companies

Gord Bamford's Is It Friday Yet Album for Alberta 4-H Clubs


Gord Bamford Is It Friday Yet?Gord Bamford Rural Roots Run Deep Fundraising Project -

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Ben Crane

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I.T.S. Travel and Cruise

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Olson Silver

Fundraising - Olson Silver

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Western Producer

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Special Offers


New 4-H/John Deere Merchandise Now Available Across Canada

It has never been easier for 4-H members, leaders and supporters to wear green - as well as some yellow - and show their 4-H colours.

In John Deere dealerships across Canada, the John Deere logo and Canadian 4-H logo are appearing together on T-shirts, hats, bags, and other small items. The products have been in dealerships for a month, and are providing 4-H supporters with a new way to show their 4-H pride and spirit.

Click here for more information


Group Discounts at Various Locations

Access group entertainment discounts through Group Sales - samples of Group Sales discounts can be found below!

Cineplex Odeon

  • Cineplex Admit One

    50 to 499 tickets - $9.75/Ticket (Including GST.)

    500+ tickets - $9.50 / Ticket (Including GST.)

  • Cineplex Child Night Out

1 Child's admission and 1 Kid's Tray combo (13 Years and under).
$11.50 / Ticket (Including GST.) Regular Price up to $17.50

  • Cineplex Night Out

2 General Admissions, 2 Regular Drinks, 1 Regular Popcorn
$27.00 / Ticket (Including GST.) Regular Price up to $44.00

  • Tickets are good for a minimum of two years! Prices May Change Without Notice! All Prices include tax and service charges.

World Waterpark or Galazyland Amusement Park for an Entire Day

Price: $21.95/pass (includes GST) Regular price is up to $36.95 - Save over 45%

New! World Waterpark's newest attraction Carribean Cove is now open! This exciting new attraction will be the largest indoor interactive water play area in Western Canada, covering nearly 6,000 square feet and featuring a giant tipping bucket that will douse guests with 1,200 litres of water. Designed for people of all ages, you can climb, slide and play among the many interactive elements including mini slides, climbing nets, net bridges, a crawl tube, water guns, tipping cones, pipe falls, pull ropes, water curtains, bubble jets, tipping troughs and funnels.

Calgary Zoo Tickets

  • Adult/Senior Anytime Passes

$16.00 / person (Including GST)

  • Youth/Child Anytime Passes

$10.00 / person - Age 3-15 (Including GST)

  • Take advantage of this exclusive offer today! Regular Summer Peak Admission Rate: Adult: $22.05, Youth: $13.65 (Including GST).