4-H Alberta Steer Carcass Competition Guidelines

Deadline Oct 30

Competition Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

Goal: The goal of this competition is to find the carcass that provides the highest quality beef for a restaurant. 

Requirements:  A 4-H member in good standing, located and registered in the Province of Alberta.  All Policy 6.05 Rules and Regulations must be followed, in addition to the following:

  • An expression of interest must be provided 4-H Specialist ( by October 30, 2016.

  • Carcass Steers must be weighed in, tagged with 4-H and CCIA Tag, along with an Animal Registration Form and Registration Fee submitted to the 4-H Alberta Steer Carcass Competition Committee. Deadline for weigh-in, the animal registration form and fee is December 1, 2016.

  • The Provincial Carcass Committee will provide a date range, to those who express interest, for when all Carcass competition animals must be weighed in. These weigh in dates will be in November.

  • A picture of the animal on weigh-in day must accompany the animal registration form

  • The animal must be “Tie Broke”

  • Members must agree to deliver the animal to one of the Abattoir’s selected by the Provincial Carcass Committee on the date specified.  Estimated delivery will be early July.

  • Members must provide a final picture of member and animal on day of delivery to the Abattoir

  • Provide a display/PowerPoint on the animal for use at the Centennial Celebration at Fever Weekend, August long weekend 2017.

Steer Carcass Competition Guidelines  |  Frequently Asked Questions


For more information contact:

Alexia Hoy
4-H Specialist

Photos by 4-H Alberta. Summer Synergy 2016 in Olds, Alberta