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Attention Beef Breed Associations
4-H Alberta would like to thank you for enhancing the 4-H program through your continued support to Beef Clubs across the province. Your generosity in supporting the Beef Product and Breed Association Awards that are distributed each 4-H Club year have been an outstanding contribution to the program and a wonderful way to recognize the achievements of 4-H Alberta members.

In the past, each Beef Club has been provided with a Beef Product and Breed Association Application form that allows the club leader to list all 4-H Beef members, along with the breed(s) of cattle that each member has chosen to show for the year. From this point the club leader would then forward the application form to each applicable breed association.

Each breed association would then have the option of allocating awards to each 4-H club for dispersal to those members who have showcased their breed in that club year. In the past, the ability to utilize the Government Courier system in order to distribute these awards was provided as a direct result of supporting 4-H Alberta beef clubs. 

To receive your clubs Beef Breed Awards again in 2015 please contact each associated breed representative below or follow the instructions left by each association attached to their breed.

Please feel free to contact the 4-H Foundation of Alberta directly with the information posted below with any questions or for further information. Thank you for your consideration and understanding in this matter, I look forward to hearing your thoughts and any ideas you may have.

4-H Foundation of Alberta

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Alberta Angus Association
Alberta Blonde d' Aquitaine Association
Alberta Charolais Association
Alberta Galloway Association
Alberta Hereford Association
Alberta Limousin Association
Alberta Maine-Anjou Association
Alberta Piedmontese Association
Alberta Pinzgauer Association
Alberta Salers Association
Alberta Shorthorn Association
Alberta Simmental Association
Alberta Texas Longhorn Association
Canadian Dexter Cattle Association
Canadian Galloway Association
Canadian Murray Grey Association
Canadian Red Angus Promotion Society
Canadian Red Poll Association
Canadian South Devon Association
Canadian Speckle Park Association (CSPA)
Canadian Tarentaise Association
Canadian Welsh Black Association
Gelbvieh Association of Alberta
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