Canadian 4-H Council Grants

Reaping Returns Community Outreach Program

Reaping Returns Program is offering local 4-H Clubs the opportunity to earn up to $2,500 to fund a worthwhile community outreach project.Hey, 4-H'ers: do you have an idea for a project that would improve your community? This is your chance to make it happen. VICTORY® Hybrid Canola's Reaping Returns Program is offering local 4-H Clubs the opportunity to earn up to $2,500 to fund a worthwhile community outreach project.

Applying is easy – and fun

To apply for funding and get complete program requirements, follow the steps below:

  1. Download application
  2. Create a fun Project Video, featuring your 4-H Club members explaining your project details and goals. (See program overview for more guidance, and view last year's video submissions for inspiration!)

  3. Download and fill out:Video Release Form – a mandatory form you'll need to complete for EACH MINOR participating in your Project Video. Then, send in all documents and your video to the address provided on the application.


Make sure you get your application, project video and release forms in before funding runs out!

Pick from three themes

To be eligible, your 4-H Club must reside in Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan or North Dakota (U.S.) and your project must focus on one or more of these themes:

Health & Nutrition · The Environment · Education


Please call 204-947-6417


Canadian 4-H Council Grants

The following grants are available, depending on the grant, for 4-H members, leaders, councils, districts, regions or 4-H partners (Branch, Foundation and Provincial Council) to apply. For more information and the application for, please contact the Canadian 4-H Council.


Sears Young Futures 4-H Club Grant Program - deadline Oct 21

The Sears Young Futures 4-H Club Grants Program provides funding support to 4-H groups that provide after-school programs that allow youth to have fun while developing leadership skills, citizenship, and life skills in a positive and safe environment.

This grant program will support five types of funding requests:

  1. new programs,
  2. enhancement of existing programs,
  3. the development of existing programs in a new location (s),
  4. sustaining existing programs, or
  5. support for ongoing educational workshops related to projects (ex. public speaking, showmanship, judging, animal care, grooming skills, etc.)

The grant program is available for any 4-H club in Canada, and each club is eligible to receive up to $1,000.


Growing Forward Grants Program - deadline Nov 23

The Growing Forward Grants Program is partially funded with financial assistance from Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada through the Growing Forward Policy Framework.

This grant program supports projects that reflect the philosophy and objectives of 4-H, and are concerned with one or more of the following categories:

    1. Learning and development activities related to leadership, citizenship, and life skills, business skills, and technicals skills.
    2. The design and development of workshops and other educational programs.
    3. The design, development, production and distribution of course and presentation materials.
    4. The design, development, production and distribution of magazines and marketing packages, supplies, certificates, awards and prize ribbons associated with eligible activities.
    5. The conduct of surveys or other information collection techniques to aid in the conduct of needs analysis and the planning of future activities.
    6. Conferences and special events.
    7. Promotional activities.


Agrium 4-H Youth Leadership Initiative - deadline Oct 21

Agrium is committed to supporting programs that help our youth reach their full potential which in turn helps ensure the continuing strength of our communities.  In partnering with the Canadian and Provincial 4-H Programs, Agrium’s leadership role in rural communities will be magnified through the development and implementation of the Agrium 4-H Youth Leadership Initiative Program.

The Agrium 4-H Youth Leadership Initiative Program targets the development of leadership skills that transcends boundaries and can be implemented throughout any 4-H jurisdiction in North America.  Agrium and the Canadian 4-H Council want to develop confident, capable, knowledgeable young people eager and able to face challenges and opportunities through this endeavour. 

This youth engagement is built on leadership development – educating senior 4-H members with the skill set, then challenging them to enhance their local communities through active participation, acting as a resource for 4-H clubs and 4-H workshops.

RBC 4-H Rural/Urban Youth Outreach Program - deadline Nov 26

The RBC 4-H Rural/Urban Youth Outreach Program is bringing city and country together.

This grant program provides grants of up to $4,000 for anybody looking to expand or start up a 4-H club.


Contact: Canadian 4‑H Council