Leadership Opportunties for Adults

Key Leaders

Key Leaders are an integral part of the 4‑H structure. As a result of their previous 4‑H volunteer Leader experience, Key Leaders are versed in the ways of club conduct, the needs of the club, the structure of the 4‑H program and the resources that exist within the club, district and community. Key Leaders prove to be an excellent resource for newly founded clubs and newly selected club Leaders, by providing training on 4‑H procedures, meeting management and 4‑H related programs and make themselves accessible to those needing assistance. Key Leaders ensure that they make themselves known to the district, and have the knowledge to serve as a resource to clubs, committees and councils.

Due to their well-developed leadership characteristics, exemplary service and previous 4‑H Leader experience, Key Leaders are selected by District Council to act as a support to district and committees. Key Leaders are encouraged to attend 4-H Alberta Leader Programs such as the 4‑H Alberta Leaders Conference, Learning Days and Key Leader Cafes.

Through their years of experience, Key Leaders have developed effective approaches for successful means of recruiting and involving volunteers and helpful tactics for mentoring volunteer leaders. Acting as a liaison between club, district and various committees is an important element of being a Key Leader, as is cooperating with Key Members in order to plan events, activities, and workshops. Key Leaders assume the responsibility of helping volunteer leaders with trying situations, listening to the feedback and concerns of leaders and council and assisting the exchange of information between these two groups.

Additional information about the Key Leader position can be found in the Key Leader contract and job description found here.

If you would like more information on becoming a Key Leader, contact the 4‑H specialist in your region or Alesha Hill.


Volunteer Leaders

Leaders are adults aged 18 and over who dedicate their time to creating an environment of learning, developing a relationship of trust and encouraging a drive to succeed. They work toward the further development of youth and have a particular interest/expertise that is applicable to 4‑H's projects and programming. Typically, Leaders are elected by a 4‑H club's members at their reorganization meeting in the fall and serve a one-year term. 4‑H insists on Leaders meeting specific requirements due to 4‑H's commitment to fostering an environment that is conducive to safety, growth and learning.


After being elected, each Volunteer Leader must complete the following requirements:

  • Completion of the 4‑H Leader Application Form
  • Submission of 3 references
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Successful completion of Level 1 Leader Training or the Online Leader Quiz
  • Complete the Commit to Kids Training

The fundamental expectation of a Leader is to be a mentor to club members, modeling the roles of a mediator, a facilitator and a coach. As a mediator, a Leader strives for effective conflict resolution, active listening and impartiality. As a facilitator, a Leader creates an environment that promotes learning and productivity, safety and trust, motivation and dedication. As a coach, a Leader is understanding, positive, communicative, flexible/adaptable and is able to recognize the needs of club members, and be a strategic thinker.

As a Leader, the different roles, activities, situations, and experiences you encounter and gain will be endless. Organizing fundraisers, planning and facilitating club Achievement Days, facilitating workshops that are beneficial to members as well as leaders, attending Leader Programs, 4‑H Alberta Leaders Conference, Learning Days, taking part in travel and chaperone opportunities, planning events at club meetings that have "added value", setting up projects that cater to club members specific needs, strengths and interests to name a few. Being a 4‑H Leader is meant to be as fun, as self-developing, as rewarding and as challenging as each individual aspires to make it be.

If you would like more information on becoming a Leader, contact the 4‑H specialist in your region.

For more information on Leader Awards and Travel Opportunities click here.



4‑H Alumni play an important role in the 4‑H structure. Alumni are previous 4‑H members aged 18 and older, whose past club experience makes their participation as public speaking judges, workshop presenters and chaperones in the current 4‑H program, invaluable. Having progressed through the various projects and programs, Alumni often find themselves too old to join 4‑H or too far to drive to meetings as they have moved away because of school or work.

Alberta 4‑H Alumni has several active clubs in the province, each club aspiring for monthly meetings, as well as educational, social and charitable activities to 4‑H and the local community. Each alumni club is responsible for its governing, activity planning and member recruitment. Clubs communicate with their area's Regional Specialist as they provide region-specific guidance and direction.

Alumni groups are typically centered around post-secondary institutions. They are normally started in an attempt to keep former 4‑H members connected, further develop leadership and communication, and act as a resource for all Alberta clubs and members. Aside from the community that is created, being a 4‑H Alumni club member also presents opportunity. Alumni are still able to apply for scholarships, volunteer for events or become club leaders and network with 4‑H sponsors.

If you would like more information on a specific Alumni club or on starting a new club, contact the 4‑H specialist in your region.