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The 4-H Alberta Hall of Fame Recipients in the 2010's

2010 Anita Mappin, Byemoor

4-H has been a part of Anita Mappin’s life ever since becoming a member of  the Waverly 4-H Beef Club over 50 years ago.  Since her time as a member she has continued to be a staunch 4-H supporter - as a parent, leader, council (at the district, regional, provincial and national level) and foundation member. 

Her outstanding contributions have been at every 4-H level including finding innovative ideas to get her club more involved in the community, to suporting the members at the district level by fundraising for the scholarship committee, to spending countless time reviewing policies while serving on provincial council.

Leadership is probably the word that best describes Anita as she has never been one to shy away from taking on a leading role at all levels.  And as is always the case, with each time she takes on one of these many leadership roles she leaves the position well respected, not to mention extremely organized!

Anita continues to push forward with new and inventive ideas including having the 4-H program incorporated into the school curriculum – having been hands-on in successfully starting a 4-H club in her own town of Byemoor.

When volunteering in any organization one is never really certain of their impact until years later.  While Anita has aided in making many changes that have made a positive impact to the 4-H organization at every level it is probably the accolades that come later, once people realize how truly a great person she is, that will her best attribute.  For with Anita it was never just about the showing of livestock but the building of life-skills that made 4-H so great.

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2010 Dr. Maryanne Sandberg, Fort MacLeod

Maryanne Sandberg became active in 4-H in the Fort MacLeod area and dedicated a great deal of time and commitment to the local program. From her start as a leader of the Midnight Riders  4-H club Maryanne’s passion for the 4-H program was evident. 

Known for her exceptional writing, organizational and leadership skills, Maryanne spent over 20 years involved at various levels of the 4-H program, from leading three 4-H clubs, to serving on district, regional and provincial councils, to holding the chair position with the 4-H Foundation of Alberta. 

Maryanne has always recognized the importance of the 4-H leaders, staff, volunteers and families and has encouraged unity while working together to ensure the best possible program for the 4-H members, as she considers them our most precious resource and our future leaders. 

 Aside from her vast 4-H volunteering experience Maryanne was extremely active in and around her community.  She served as a school-board trustee for both Willow Creek and Livingstone Range School Divisions including chairing many committees with those divisions.  Maryanne was the founding director of the Science Alberta Foundation and was on the board of govenors for the University of Lethbridge from 1984 to 1990.  In addition she is active in the Fort MacLeod and District Agriculture Society including taking on the role of president in 2010.

4-H was not just a job to be done but a way of life for Maryanne and her family.  In closing, as Maryanne would say, “Our 4-H network is fortunate to have so many fine leaders, staff, sponsors and 4-H families.  The 21st century is here.  Let’s all work together to take 4-H to even greater heights.”

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2011 Geroge and Judy Andrews, Barrhead

George and Judy Andrews have dedicated more than 50 years to the 4-H program in addition to numerous other community projects.  They are synonomous with the 4-H program in the Barrhead area and are true team.  There is no George or Judy - only George and Judy.

George was a founding member of the Meadowview 4-H Multi Club in 1956 and after his tenure as a member assumed the role of project leader for five years.  The Andrews both took on leadership roles in the 1983 when their children were old enough to become members.

They were instrumental in negotiating a new beef sale format in the Barrhead District.  Through consultation with buyers, members, parents and leaders they developed a sale that was equitable to both members and buyers. 

While Judy was a club leader she initiated diary workshops which helped all members achieve the maximum available points.  These diary workshops are still held annually at the club level.

George instigated the establishment of the Barrhead District 4-H Hall of Fame in 1995 and has been on the Hall of Fame committee ever since.  Much to their surprise the Andrews were inducted into the Barrhead District Hall of Fame in 2006.

In the face of personal tragedy The Andrews  established the Rod Andrews Memorial Scholarship in memory of their son.

George and Judy have inspired parents to become leaders and members to look beyond the project and embrace the entire 4-H program by particpating in District, Regional and Provincial events.  They lead by example, are a wealth of information and are always open to new and innovative ideas.

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2012 Edith Walker, Wetaskiwin*

Edith Walker began her 4-H volunteering 60 years ago, when she became an assistant leader to the Falun Garden and Clothing Clubs. And even though she was not a 4-H member herself or did not have children in 4-H at the time she fell in love with the program and became involved at all levels, including club, district, region and province, over the years.

All of Edith’s five children went through the 4-H program and can attest to the hours of work and dedication that their mother did as noted by her being honoured at the Wetaskiwin District 4-H Beef Show and Sale for her 50 years of volunteering for the local beef clubs and clerking the sale. As well, Edith not only held executive positions at all level of 4-H during her 38 years as a leader but continued to volunteer after she gave up leadesrhip by marking record books for local clubs, judging public speaking and helping with fundraising activities.

In 1972 when the 4-H Foundation of Alberta was formed and one of the ideas was to build a camp Edith quickly got in on the action. She hosted many meetings at her kitchen table discussing and planning the details. She worked bingos and casinos. Helped organize “Penny Pouring Parade” plus numerous other fundraisers. She proudly displayed cue cards of her speech that she gave on behalf of the leaders at the opening ceremony of the 4-H Centre August 11, 1984.

1973 saw the creation of the Highway Cleanup pilot project and the Wetaskiwin District and Edith was front and centre particpating in the program. Edith ensured that safety concerns were addressed and that almost all of the funds raised by the district’s clubs were donated to the 4-H Centre development. She was also a master of setting up work bees at the camp giving many parents and members from the district experience in bush cleaning, basic construction, and teamwork.

Edith was also part of the inaugural deligation of Alberta 4-H leaders who attended 4-H National Leaders’ Conference in Toronto in 1979 and in 1985 she was chosen to represent our province at the 4-H U.S.A. Leaders’ Conference in Washington D.C.

Members past and present have become a big part of Edith’s life and she could tell numerous stories of people she had met and continued friendships with. She was always friendly, genuinely interested in you, a gracious host at her table and a role model to many. Her infectious smile when she talked about 4-H made you want to listen and be part of the program more than ever.

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2012 Timothy R. "Tim" Church, Red Deer

Tim Church began his 4-H endevour as an eight-year member of the Hesketh and Hesketh-Orkeny 4-H Beef Clubs starting in 1969 and from that time forward, his passion for the 4-H program ran deep. 

In 1978 Tim began work with UFA as a public relations respresentative and attended and volunteered at countless 4-H achivement days, judging clinics and public speaking events.  

Tim would wear a 4-H hat in 1999, as he joined the 4-H Foundation of Alberta Board of Directors as a sponsor representative. He would serve as a director until 2011, implementing a professional skill set and business acumen on no matter the topic or committee.  

Tim’s passion for 4-H, his integrity, people and management skills were always evident and while Chair of the Foundation, was successful in reducing the size of the 4-H Foundation of Alberta Board of Directors, and establishing a recruiting process for new Board members and setting term limits for all boards members, creating a more expedient structure.  

As a legacy sponsor representative (UFA), Tim encouraged corporate sponsorship partnerships, incrasing scholarships available to 4-H members, and enhancing the 4-H Alberta Legacy Fund.  

Tim’s effect on the 4-H program can be summarized by these words “…Tim has a tremendous amount of passion for 4-H. He has always been involved in the 4-H community including his formative years and he remains one of the greatest youth mentors we have ever met. Tim is selfless in his eagerness to help mentor tomorrow’s leaders and has spent many joyful hours on this mission.”

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2013 Clinton Ziegler, Vegreville

Clinton Ziegler’s 4-H journey began in 1961 as a member of the Vegreville 4-H Beef Club. It was during his time as a member that his passion and interest in the 4-H program took hold and would ultimately lead to his return to 4-H as a volunteer leader in 1989. 

Always willing to lend his knowledge and expertise Clinton’s leadership covered a wide array of projects – including small engines, beef, and computers – with both the Vegreville 4-H Multi and Beef clubs. At the same time he helped heighten members’ 4-H experience by mentoring them in public speaking and presenting, record book keeping, and the importance of maintaining accurate and up-to-date diaries.  

Over the years members benefitted from Clinton’s love of travel and 4-H. Whether chaperoning a judging team to Denver or spending 10 days ‘roughing’ it in the Northwest Territories Clinton’s enthusiasm was always prevalent and contagious.  

Through the years his involvement in 4-H expanded beyond the club level. The Minburn District and Northeast Region were beneficiaries of Clinton’s time and effort. For 10 years he held numerous executive positions and contributed to a multitude of committies. At the provincial level Clinton represented the Northeast Region on 4-H Council of Alberta for six years, two of those as treasurer. Following that he he dedicated time with the 4-H Foundation of Alberta serving on the board of directors.  

Clinton exemplified what a 4-H volunteer should strive to give to their club, community and country. He inspired others to have enthusiasm in whatever they try and his understanding and compassion toward 4-Hers, old and young, ensured members, parents, and leaders received as much out of the program as possible.

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2014 Charlie Gould, Rosalind

Charlie Gould was born into a 4-H family. His father Stan was already a 4-H leader when Charlie was born, so Charlie’s  involvement began at a very young age.  When Charlie was old enough he became a member of the Rosalind 4-H Beef club where he continued until he graduated from high school.  The following fall he was registered as a 4-H leader, a role which he continued.  

As a 4-H leader Charlie encouraged his club members to participate in as many activities as possible. He loved to see and hear the enthusiasm of members when they returned from programs such as camp and Club Week.  

Charlie’s involvement didn’t stop at the club level.  He was chairman of the Camrose Beef Show and Sale Committee at two different times and always played a key role in planning their event and answering any questions that arose.  Charlie was President of the West Central Regional 4-H Council in the early 1990’s when the 4-H specialist position in Red Deer was abolished and he played a key role in the transition of the regional responsibilties to the Stettler office.  

Charlie has been on the organizing committee of the 4-H program at the Canadian Bull Congress since it’s inception.  This program annually involves over 200 members who learn the basics of livestock evaluation and giving reasons to justify their placings.   

Charlie took the opportunity to travel to conferences and other 4-H activities. He attended Alberta 4-H Leaders’ Conferences and helped to plan one of them, went to Montana for the Montana 4-H Leaders’ Forum and chaperoned a group of Rosalind members on an exchange to Ontario.  

Throughout Charlie’s tenure as member he appreciated the opportunities 4-H provided to 4-H members and encouraged them to take advantage of as many as possible. Perhaps more importantly he endeavoured to provide an opportunity for all youth go grow and devleop within the 4-H program. 

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2015 Dorothy Carlson, Cherhill

Dorothy Carlson has always been an active leader in the 4-H program. She has been the General Leader and led various projects with the Cherhill 4-H Multi Club since her introduction to the program. Working with a large multi club can have its challenges making timelines work for all of the projects, yet Dorothy was always able to ensure everyone has their moment to share and have their voice heard.

She constantly promotes teamwork and her efforts show, as it’s constantly reflected by everyone in both the club and the community of how well everyone works together. Despite not having any of her own children in the program any longer, when asked the reason she is still involved, Dorothy replies “I do have kids in the program, as many as there are in the club.”

Dorothy shines as a 4-H leader as she relates well to members’ interests, involves them in decisions about their project goals for the year and encourages progress in their project work. She has the ability to instill enthusiasm in members so that and they’re confident and proud to tell you about their project accomplishments.

Dorothy is a dedicated 4-H volunteer who inspires 4-H members and other 4-H leaders through her leadership abilities, enthusiasm and mentorship. Dorothy continues, and will always give selflessly, to the program; her help knows no bounds and is always gaining momentum as her time dedicated to volunteerism continuously increases.

She takes the lead on many project that span from club and all the way up to the provincial level. She has even taken several leader development opportunities attending the Montana Leaders Forum and being a chaperone for the National Members Conference in Toronto.  

Dorothy inspires others to help, to succeed and to better themselves and the group in any way possible. Whenever she helps, inside or outside of 4-H, and there is monumental task to be done, fun times will be had with constant chatter and laughter. With a willingness to give in all areas possible, to benefit others when there is no reward for her efforts, Dorothy continues to be an outstanding person and leader to all those who know her.

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2015 Sherry Howey, Valleyview

Sherry became involved with 4-H at the early age of 11 when she joined a sewing club. Sherry learned the skills of dressmaking and designed and sewed her dress for grade 12 graduation as part of her 4-H project. She has been a champion of the program since this time, with her passion evident in her career choice as an educator of youth and ongoing involvement with the Alberta 4-H Program.

During her years as a member, Sherry was well known as a competent public speaker and twice represented the Peace region at the provincial level, performing a communication project. Over the years, Sherry has continued to inspire and guide other 4-H members in the fine art of public speaking. Sherry has an amazing ability to articulate an issue, include some humor and convince an audience to rethink their viewpoint. This is evident in her roles on the provincial council and at the district and regional events where she is eager to participate and share information.

Sherry became involved with the 4-H program as a leader when her eldest child turned nine and has been a leader or volunteer for one club or another ever since. Sherry always encouraged her members and families to broaden their knowledge about 4-H and her members attended regional events and provincial programs.

Sherry has been involved at all levels of the 4-H program, such as a leader with several clubs, district president, regional planning committee member for many events and was the Peace Regional Representative on the Alberta 4-H Council for 11 years.

Sherry was instrumental in the Valleyview District video development and subsequent reward of the Gord Bamford fundraiser. Her leadership for the Valleyview District committee resulted in an overwhelming concert which featured 4-H throughout the evening and ensured that concert goers went home with a positive outlook on the 4-H program.

Sherry combines her passion for kids and their positive development with the 4-H motto and is able to foster members to become what they can be. She is an exceptional organizer and a most capable person who has made significant and outstanding impacts to the 4-H program both in the Peace and the province.


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2016 Helen Andrews, Round Hill



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2016 Corine Verbeek, Sturgeon County


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