90 for 90 Contributors

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4‑H Family
4‑H Partners (In Memory of Katrina Andruchow)
A & T Vavrek Farm  (In Memory of Andrea Vavrek)
Adamcik, Elizabeth & Frank (In Memory of Vivian Braun)
Allan, Dave (In Memory of Andrea Vavrek)
Andrashwski, Audrey (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Andrews, George & Judy
Arntzen, Austin & Carol (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Banks, Bruce & Barb
Beniuk, Olga
Bidart, Tom (In Memory of Andrea Vavrek)
Blanchfield, Terry & David (In Memory of Andrea Vavrek)
Bodell, Lorne & Florence (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Bonde, Ellen & Niels
Boorse, Jason
Bridgeman, Bruce & Laura  (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Brown, Joyce & Alvin (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Carter, Bloyd & Lily (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Cash Donations (In Memory of Mary Burns)
Chenniawsky, Terry & Wilma  (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Child, Allan & Louise
Child, Allan & Louise  (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Child, Allan & Louise  (In Memory of Blanche McGowan)
Chriest, Jean (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Christensen, Brent & Susan  (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Church, Tim & Kelly
Circle Five Group (In Memory of Vivian Braun)
Coopock, Wendy & Thomas
Dallas, Kathy
deGroot, Sandra
Dekock, Eric & Brenda (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Dietrich, Tracy
Dobos, Sheralyn & Ken
Doll, Dan (In Memory of Andrea Vavrek)
Doll, Linda
Durie, David & Patircia (In Memory of Norm Withers)
East Central 4-H Regional Council (In Memory of Elva Knapp)
Eggins, Ken & Dorothy (Memory of Vivian Braun)
Feist, Tracy, Ground Words Communication
Ferbey, Taras & Olga
Foesier, Lorna & Frank (In Memory of Vivian Braun)
Francis, Jack (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Gabel, John & Elaine (Memory of Vivian Braun)
Gabert, Keith & Carla (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Garner, Tim (In Memory of Andrea Vavrek)
Glasier, Kenneth & Alisa (In Memory of Andrea Vavrek)
Goodman, David
Goodman, Vanessa & Gordon
Gourley, Joanne & David
Grotkowski, Wayne & Patricia  (In Memory of Andrea Vavrek)
Hadway, Carol Ann (In Memory of Vivian Braun)
Hanson, Arnold & Mary (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Hauch, Adam & Hertha (In Memory of Mary Burns)
Haug, Jim (In Memory of Vivian Braun)
Hawkwood, Greg & Janice
Hill, Alexis (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Hodgson, Steve & Debbie
Hoechad, Lelia (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Hultholm, Don (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Hunt, William (Memory of Vivian Braun)
Jackson, Howard & Janice  (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Jewellery Box & Giftware  (In Memory of Andrea Vavrek)
Johnston, James & Rosemarie  (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Jones, Glen (Memory of Clara Klinck)
Kerr, Janet
Kemp, Gerald & Rita
Klammer, Bernie & George  (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Kostick, Heidi  (In Memory of Andrea Vavrek)
Kulak, John & May Ann (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Lang, Colin & Evelyn (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Laturnus, Karen
Lefebvre, Tony
Leonard, Gene & Marilyn (Memory of Vivian Braun)
Lettner, Gerry  (In Memory of Andrea Vavrek)
Litwin, Bonnie
Lyster, Les & Doris
M.D. of Northern Lights  (In Memory of Andrea Vavrek)
McDonald, Barry
McFarquhar, William & Barbara   (Memory of Vivian Braun)
McKie, Carol (In Memory of Norm Withers)
McKinnon, Jocelyn (In Memory of Norm Withers)
McKinnon, Jocelyn (In Memory of Tony Lefebvre)
McKinnon, Jocelyn (In Memory of Jesse James)
McKinnon, Jocelyn (In Memory of Jason Schatz)
McKinnon, Jocelyn (In Memory of Allan Heffel)
McMann, Debbie (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Melnyk, Albert & Nadia (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Morison, Everett, Joy & Shelley  (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Omberg, Teresa
Peters, Christine  (In Memory of Andrea Vavrek)
Petherbridge, Leona
Pirk, Wendy (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Polosek, Deb (In Memory of Andrea Vavrek)
Popisil, Peter & Katherine (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Punko, Lorna & William
Sandberg, Maryanne & Eric
Sandberg, Maryanne & Eric (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Silver-Hughes, Velia Dawn
Smith, Haxel B (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Stark, Marguerite & Merv
Stasiuk, Hilda (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Stelmach, Ed
Stelmach, Ed & Marie (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Stone, Joan
Stone, Stone (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Suddaby, Theresa (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Tackaberry, John & Margo
Taylor, Gary & Judith (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Thiesen, Bryn (In Memory of Vivian Braun)
Tindall, Peter & Colleen (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Tkach, Marvin & Carole
Tkach, Marvin & Carol (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Toverud, Irene (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Tuck, Gordon & Brenda (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Van Zyderveld, Harriet (In Memory of Andrea Vavrek)
Walters Family
Weitzel, Michele (In Memory of Norm Withers)
White, Brian & Debbie (In Memory of Norm Withers)
White, Dorothy (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Wiegman, Henry & Kathy (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Wiegman, Henry & Kathy
  (In Memory of Tony Lefebvre)
Wiegman, Henry, Kathy & Family
Wiegman, Henry and Kathy
Winslow, Ray & Nettie (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Woolridge, Rodger (In Memory of Andrea Vavrek)
Yaremcio, Yvonne & Barry
Yaremcio, Barry & Yvonne  (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Yaremcio, Dave & Cecile (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Yaremcio, Victor (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Yaremcio, Waleter & Camilla  (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Youck, Ted & Bernice
Zeigler, Clinton & Lorraine  (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Zeigler, Leah

4‑H Clubs and Councils
881 Outriders 4‑H Horse Club  (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Airdire 4‑H Beef Club
Airdire Helping Hands 4‑H Club
Alder Flats 4‑H Multi Club
Arrowwood 4‑H River Wranglers Club
Balzac 4‑H Beef Club
Barrhead 4‑H Council
Beaver District 4‑H Council  (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Beiseker 4‑H Beef Club
Berwyn 4‑H Coveralls Club
Big Hill West Light Horse 4‑H Club
Blindman Valley 4‑H Beef Club
Bow River Riders Light Horse
Brooks & Area 4‑H Beef Club
Calgary Alumni -4-H On Parade Ol Tyme Country Fair
Calgary 4‑H Alumni
Calgary Regional 4‑H Council
Cheadle 4‑H Club
Clairmont 4‑H Multi Club
Claresholm Nible Fingers 4‑H Club
Consort Creative Hands 4‑H Club
Cremona 4‑H Club
Crossfield-Madden 4‑H Beef Club
Dixonville 4‑H Multi Club
East Central 4-H Regional Council
East Ponoka 4‑H Beef Club
Elk Island 4‑H Light Horse Club
Elk Point 4-H Multi
Elnora 4‑H Beef Club
Foothills 4‑H Beef Club
Foothills 4‑H Sheep Club
Fort MacLeod 4‑H Beef Club
Golden Rod 4‑H Multi Club
Hanna Prairie Riders 4‑H Club
Holden 4‑H Beef Club  (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Hussar 4‑H Beef Club
Irricana 4‑H Beef Club
Irricana 4‑H Country Riders
Jumping Pound 4‑H Beef Club
Kelsey 4‑H Stars To Be
Killam Lighthorse 4‑H Club
Kleskun 4‑H Multi Club
Kneehill 4‑H District Council
Lac Ste Anne 4-H Council
Lamont District 4‑H Council
Leaders Conference 2007
Leaders Conference 2007 Donations
Linaria Northern Lites 4‑H Multi Club
Lobstick 4‑H Beef Club
Longview 4‑H Beef Club
Longview Beef 4‑H Club
MacKenzie 4‑H District Council Assn
Meadowview 4‑H Multi Club
Millarville Stockland 4‑H Beef Club
Minburn 4-H District Council
Moo's On The Move 4‑H Dairy Club
Morrin 4‑H Multi Club
Mountain View 4‑H Dairy Club
Mustangs Hearts 4‑H Club
Namao Trail Busters 4‑H Club
New Norway 4‑H Beef Club
Paintearth 4‑H Beef Club
Peace Regional 4‑H Council
Peace Regional 4‑H Council   (In Memory of Angelina O'Rourke)
Peace Regional 4‑H Council   (In Memory of Andrea Vavrek)
Peace Regional 4‑H Council   (In Memory of Jason Schaatz)
Pembina Horticulture & 16-A  Tractor Club
Pincher Creek & District 4‑H Council
Pincher Creek Silver Reins 4‑H  Light Horse Club
Prairie Project Wranglers 4-H
Prairie Roses 4‑H Club
Radway 4‑H Multi Club
Rangeland 4‑H Beef Club
Readymade 4-H Beef
Red Deer 4‑H Horsemen Club
Rockyview 4‑H District Council
Ropes and Reins 4‑H Club
Rosalind 4‑H Beef Club
Shadow Riders 4‑H Club
Shortgrass 4‑H Beef Club
Silversage Riders 4‑H Horse Club
South Barrhead 4‑H Multi Club
Southern AB 4-H Light Horse Council
Springbrank Rawhides
Standard Sheep 4‑H Club
Starlite 4‑H Multi Club
Stavely Parkland 4‑H Beef Club
Thorhild 4‑H District Council
Vegreville 4‑H Beef Club
Vegreville 4‑H Beef Club  (In Memory of Norm Withers)
Vegreville 4‑H Multi Club
Vermilion 4‑H Beef Club
Vimy 4‑H Beef Club
Vulcan 4‑H District Council
Warner 4‑H Beef Club
West Foothills 4‑H Multi Club
Wheatland 4‑H District Council
Willingdon 4‑H Beef Club
Willingdon 4‑H Multi Club
Willow Creek 4‑H District Council
Willow Creek Wranglers Light  Horse 4‑H Club
Wolf Creek Outdoor Pursuits  

4‑H Sponsors
4‑H Sponsor Trust Interest
Alberta Federation of REA's
Calgary Exhibition & Stampede
Century Oilfield Services on behalf of Apache Canada
Champion Auction
Electronics Recycling
EnCana Cares Foundation
Extreme West Product Inc.
Hudson & Company
Livestock Identification Services
MacKenzie Capital Research Association (In Memory of Andrea Vavrek)
Milo & District Ag Society
Motor Dealers of Alberta
Robert Bosch Inc (Skill Tools)
South Peace REA Ltd.
Stry Rural Electric Association
Telus Corporation
Telus Employees & Retirees
Tire Recycling