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How do I submit an article to the 4-H Alberta Magazine?


Would you like to receive the 4-H Alberta magazine but currently do not? The magazine mailing list is created based on the youngest member of each family being identified as the recipient of the magazine. The mailing list is updated regularly but if you are a new member or leader or friend of 4-H and have not received a copy of the magazine please contact us at magazine@4h.ab.ca. New members and leaders are added as they are registered so you may not receive the December issue but should be getting the April edition.

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Spring/Summer 2019

4-H Alberta Magazine - Spring/Summer 2019


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We spent considerable time working with members and leaders like you to determine what types of articles captivate 4-H’ers attention. The 4-H Alberta Magazine is ever evolving as it works to meet the needs of the 4-H members and leaders


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Say goodbye summer and hellooooo to this brand new issue of the 4-H Alberta Magazine AND the beginning of the 2014/2015 4-H Club Year!

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How do I submit an article to the 4-H Alberta Magazine?


Submission Guidelines

Who can apply? Clubs, Families, Leaders, Volunteers, and all Members.



  • Articles must be 200 words or less. This includes headlines, byline, and photo cutline(s).
  •  Always include the 5Ws (who, what, when, where, and why), and don’t forget about How!
  • Stick to the highlights by offering one or two specific examples of club activities.
  • Need a great resource? Check out The Canadian Press Stylebook at your local library.


  • Anything that shows you and your 4-H friends having a blast!

  • Submit 1-2 photos as an email attachment only, do not embed images in the body of the email.

  • Cutlines include the first and last names of everyone in the photo and where it was taken.

  • Printing images on a page and viewing images on your computer are two different things.

    • All images must be at least 1MB in size.

    • Right click image file on desktop and select “Properties” to see size dimensions.


  • Laundry lists: such as results from competitions, or club activities.

  • Information on regular club activities that take place more than two months before the submission deadline.


  • What have you done or are looking forward to this year with 4-H Alberta?

  • Share stories of adventure, like travelling abroad, with 4-H friends.

  • How did you raise your animal the 4-H way?

  • Why is your 4-H club the best in Alberta?

  • Where did your club volunteer, or raise funds this year?

  • What is life like on a 21st Century farm, or maybe you’re a city folk with 4-H style?

  • More importantly, HOW did you learn to do by doing?

  • Or simply tell a great story!

You spent a lot of time thinking, writing, revising, editing, writing some more and then editing it a few more times to make it perfect, so we will do our best to make sure your article and photo make the final cut. However, some articles may be reduced in size or withheld for another publication.

If you are unsure about any of the above tips, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Email all submissions to: magazine@4h.ab.ca.

Submission deadline:  August 20

Publication date: January


4‑H Alberta Magazine

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Submit your article and photos (preferably in electronic form) to magazine@4h.ab.ca, or by mail to:

4‑H Section
7000 113 ST NW RM 108

Please label photos with name, 4‑H club, article, and return address.

Advertising Inquiries: Please contact Bianca von Nagy, 4‑H Foundation of Alberta at 780-352-1148 or bvonnagy@4hab.com