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Event Details – July 27, 2020

4-H Alberta - Senior Members’ Virtual Summit

Deadline: July 24, 2020 11:55 PM  
Start Date: July 27, 2020 9:00 AM End Date: July 30, 2020 8:00 PM
Location: Virtual Event  

Program Description:

Senior Members’ Virtual Summit (Provincial) – Ages 15-20

Are you looking for a fun and unique learning experience that will connect you with 4H members across Alberta? The Senior Members’ Virtual Summit combines online and offline activities that will keep you engaged while connecting you with members across Alberta. You will have the chance to reconnect with old friends as well as fashion new friendships while focusing on personal development and growth. 

This summer 4H Alberta has created an all new program for senior members across the province. The Senior Members’ Virtual Summit is a program committed to promoting personal growth and development. The program will be delivered online via Zoom and a program website filled with pre-curated content. Each day there will be scheduled video conference calls that stimulate conversations with other 4H members and facilitators across Alberta similar to our traditional in-person camps. With a focus on Growth and Development, each day will have an overarching topic that aims to cultivate thought and build a knowledge base of skills that will prove beneficial for many years to come. Topics that will be covered include: Healthy Eating, Budgeting, Stress Management, Mindfulness, Communications, Personal Identity and Teamwork. This summer program is tailored to be fun and memorable and while it may look different than camps you’ve attended in the past, it has the same goal as other 4H programming: connect 4H members across Alberta and facilitate friendships all while promoting growth, development and learning.

When: July 27th-30th, 2020

Who can Attend: Senior 4H Members (Age 15-20)

About Online Camp Delivery: Online 4-H Camp offers creative activities and programs to keep members engaged and learning during the week. The day consists of a morning small group meeting (duration: thirty minutes), an evening small group reflection (duration: approx. one hour),  and individual work time to engage with the online material via our camp website. Staff will also be available during this time to answer any questions you may have. In the afternoon/evenings there will be large group activities as well as guest presenters. The camp will be primarily delivered via our program website and Zoom conference calls.

Typical Day at Camp (all times and activities are subject to change):

9:00-9:30 am – Small Group Morning Briefing

10:30-2:00 pm – Individual Work Time

2:00-2:30 pm – Small Group Reflection

3:00-4:00 pm – Large Group Activity (Cooking, 4H Trivia, Guest Lead Activities and an Escape Room.)

7:00-8:30 pm – Evening Activity (Campfires and Guest Presentations)

Meal Times: Ample break times will be given to grab a bite to eat, check in with your family, and have a little relax before beginning the next activity.

Notes: Participants will need access to the internet and some device (desktop computer, laptop, phone, etc.) to be able to participate. As well as an active Zoom account.

Event PDF:    On line registration is OPEN
Region: Provincial
Who can apply: Seniors (15-20 years old)

For more information contact: Katelyn Strang, Phone: 310-0000 then 403-948-8509, Email: