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Event Details – March 27, 2020

EC - Regional - Regional Council Meeting - CANCELLED

Start Date: March 27, 2020 6:30 PM End Date: March 27, 2020 10:00 PM
Location: Coronation Hall, CORONATION AB  

Program Description:


After careful consideration and review, a decision has been made that all 4-H sanctioned activities and events in Alberta scheduled to take place between Friday, March 13, 2020 and Tuesday, April 14, 2020 inclusive are to be suspended effective immediately. This includes club, district, region and provincial levels.

We recognize and appreciate all the time dedicated to planning and preparing for various 4-H programming by our members, volunteers, and supporters across the province, however, we feel this is the best decision to keep the 4-H program a vibrant, safe and inclusive environment for youth. While the risk of contracting COVID-19 in Alberta remains low according to Alberta Health, the safety of our members, parents, guardians, volunteers and families is always first priority and we believe strongly that early action is the best way for 4-H in Alberta to help stop the transmission of the virus.


Club Representatives to the District Councils have a vital role in the communication link through the 4-H Council system. Your responsibilities include:

  • Represent your 4-H Club at District Council meetings along with other people.
  • Attend District Council meetings.
  • Prepare your Club’s Report for the District Council Meeting. Give a written copy to the council secretary.
  • Get involved with district projects and committees.
  • Take reports/information from District Council to your 4-H Club.
  • Take concerns/ideas/proposals from your 4-H Club to the District Council.

Prepare for the meetings by reviewing the minutes and agenda:

  • to organize your thoughts.
  • to have any presentations completed.
  • to determine the wishes of your club when voting on issues.

Assist the president to hold a successful meeting by: •keeping discussion to the point.

  • making decisions and voting on motions.
  • accepting the decision of the majority.

As with many things in life (so they say), the key to being an effective Club Representative to the District 4-H Council is communication. As a representative to the District Council you are an important link for your club to the events and opportunities that the District Council is responsible for. These include various events, such as public speaking, judging, and record book competitions, member retreats, etc. 

Communicate with your club the topics under discussion at your district. As your club rep, you are responsible for ensuring that your club knows about district events and competitions. You are in a unique position to push your club members to become involved in opportunities beyond the club level by bringing them the information from District Council meetings.

Communicate with your District Council the activities that your club is up to. You have the opportunity to bring the concerns of your club to the District Council and have your voice heard. If your club has a great idea for a social event or training workshop, that you could use the cooperation of other clubs on, the District Council is the place to raise such ideas. Remember that as a representative, you have voting power on the District Council—do you know how your club would vote on certain issues? Is your club aware of the issues that you are voting on?  

To be an effective communicator you must be prepared. Review the meeting agenda before going to the meeting and think of ways the topics might affect your club. Ask the members of your club if they have anything to share on a specific issue. You may want to prepare a list of questions or points that you would like clarified. Also, have your club report ready—what are some key activities your club does that you want to highlight? Identify points that your club wants to communicate to the District Council. Is there a spot in your club meeting agenda for reports from the District Council? And what will you say when your turn comes up? What news can you bring them from the District Council? Are there any items that require feedback from the club? The more your club is informed, the greater voice they will have in District Council, through you.  

Ask yourself some basic questions about your role as club representative to assess your effectiveness: Is your club aware of District activities? Are members involved? Do you want/need more member participation? Does the District Council know what’s going on in your club? Your club is counting on you to bring forward their voice to the District Council, and the Council is counting on you to communicate with your club. Be the best representative that you can be for your club and your district!

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