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4-H Alberta - Steer Carcass Competition

Deadline: December 01, 2019 11:59 PM  
Location: Across Alberta  

Program Description:


With the growing popularity of the carcass beef project, this year, members will once again have the opportunity to compete in a province-wide carcass competition. Members select and feed a beef animal to the finished weight, as they would a live market beef project, however the animal is judged live and on the rail providing members with an additional learning opportunity. Members' carcass project animals will be slaughtered at one of several designated facilities across the province and judged by the same judges for consistency. 

Goal: The goal of this competition is to find the carcass that provides the highest quality beef for a restaurant.

Requirements: A 4-H member in good standing, located and registered in the Province of Alberta. All Policy 6.05 Rules and Regulations must be followed, in addition to the following:

  • Carcass Steers must be weighed in, tagged with 4-H* and CCIA Tag, and registered with your club by December 1, 2019. Note: 4-H tag means Visual  ID tag used to identify as a 4-H project
  • DNA tail hair samples are to be taken and submitted to Neogen.  Results will be returned approximately 3 weeks.  A webinar is being scheduled in 2020 to discuss how to interpret DNA Results.
  • Completed online program registration (including required animal information and $75 registration fee) and 3 photos (front, left side, right side) submitted to by December 1st, 2019.
  • *NEW* Harvest sites information are provided at the time of registration. Please indicate your preferred harvest location. These will be filled on a first come, first served basis. The organizing committee reserves the right to cancel any location if there are not at least 5 animals registered at that location.  If more than 15 animals are booked at one abattoir, members may be asked to switch to an alternative date.  These changes will be made known by December 15, 2019.








H & M Meats

Grande Prairie

June 2

June 3

June 4

Deerview Meats


June 3

June 4

June 5

Meat Chop


June 8

June 9

June 10

Loves Custom Meats


June 9

June 10

June 11

Forestburg Meat Processing


June 10

June 11

June 12

Sangudo Meats


June 11

June 12

June 13









The animal must be “Tie Broke” for live evaluation. All harvest dates are scheduled within a 2-3 week window in early-mid June 2020.

  • Members must agree to deliver the animal to one of the Abattoir’s selected by the 4-H Alberta Steer Carcass Committee on the date specified, as selected at registration.
  • Members must provide a final picture of member and animal on day of delivery to the Abattoir
  • Provide a PowerPoint presentation about their project, deadline will be communicated in December with Awards Location.
  • For regions, districts and local Achievement Day Sale committees that allow replacement of animals, the following applies. Local level rules must be adhered to.
    • If the entry into the 4-H Alberta Steer Carcass Competition is a companion animal to a Market Steer Live Project and is used to replace that project; the entry is cancelled and fee is forfeited. If the Market Steer Live is deemed to be unruly, the member may switch with the 4-H Alberta Steer Carcass entry until February 15, 2020, provided both steers are registered as a 4-H project by December 1st, 2019. Members may only switch once and the member will be required to provide proof from their Show and Sale Committee to within 1 week of the approved switch.


Steer Carcass Competition Guidelines

Registration Cost: $75.00

Prerequisite:  4-H Beef members

Location: members across Alberta

Provincial Event Registration Policies

  • Online Registration opens at 12:00 am on the first day of registration and is available 24 hours a day until midnight of the registration deadline.
  • Registration is not considered complete until full payment is received.
  • All requests for late registration (after the Regular Registration Deadline) will be accepted at the sole discretion of the program lead and will be subject to an additional fee of $50.00 on top of the Regular Registration cost.
  • An administrative fee of $50.00 will be retained on all cancellations. Cancellations received less than 14 days before the event start date will forfeit the entire registration fee unless a delegate replacement is available or extenuating circumstances are at play. 

Event PDF:    Steer Carcass Competition web page
4-H Alberta Steer Carcass Competition online registration is open - deadline Dec 1
4-H Alberta Steer Carcass Competition Guidelines
Hair Card Sample Collection Instructions
Beef Profile Order Form
How to register on line for the Steer Carcass Competition
Cost: $75.00 CAD
Region: Provincial
Who can apply: All Members

For more information contact: Lexi Hoy, Phone: 310-0000 then 403-948-8501, Email: