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Event Details – October 11, 2017

EC - Regional - Key Leader Cafe and Regional Council Executive Meeting

Start Date: October 11, 2017 5:00 PM End Date: October 11, 2017 7:00 PM
Location: Stettler Provincial Building, Main Conference Room, Stettler AB  

Program Description:


A meeting of the Key Leaders to meeting and discuss upcoming issues and a meeting of the Regional Council Executive

4-H Alberta Key Leaders

A 4-H Key Leader is an experienced volunteer 4-H leader who works with a district council and with local 4-H clubs to help other 4-H volunteer leaders deliver the 4-H Program. About 60 to 70 Alberta 4-H Key Leaders are leading the way to a stronger program.

Each 4-H district council selects a Key Leader who is committed to the aims of 4-H program, to supporting 4-H in the local district and to sharing their knowledge about 4-H. It takes a special individual to be a 4-H Key Leader and fulfill a number of responsibilities. 

Advisor to local clubs, leaders and members

A Key Leader is a resource person for their 4-H district council and its committees, and to local clubs about current district programs, issues and policies. A Key Leader knows about general 4-H and project information, club organization and leadership. This individual is educator rather than an enforcer of regulations and procedures.

Mentor to new and existing 4-H leaders

Experience and knowledge vary among the Key Leaders, but they all offer a volunteer’s perspective. Their experience as 4-H leaders makes them most effective in their role. New and existing leaders can ask a key leader to provide ideas on developing leadership skills and as a sounding board for options for working with the youth and other adults in the club.

Trainer at leader workshops

Key Leaders are equipped to instruct new leader training workshops and other workshops or activities as needed by the district. 

Guide for 4-H new clubs

A Key Leader is a local 4-H leader, available to help new 4-H clubs through the 4-H club year by explaining leadership roles, paper work, and getting the club off to a good start.

Communication link

These Key Leaders ensure that information is communicated between the district and the 4-H Specialist in the region, and within a district among the clubs and district council. 

District 4-H contact

A Key Leader serves as the local 4-H program contact for potential members and leaders and for the communities within their district.

Promotion of Alberta 4-H

Key Leaders promote the awareness of the 4-H program goals and upcoming programs and events in Alberta.  A Key Leader is also a good source of information about the local   4-H activities.

Qualified and willing to assist

Each fall the 4-H Key Leaders attend the Key Leader Training Weekend to learn about the new developments in the Alberta 4-H Program and to receive training in some aspect of leadership development. 

Key leaders are approachable. They are willing to meet and work with leaders and members in their district.  Call your 4-H Key Leader about:

  • General 4-H information
  • Help as a new leader or in a new leadership role
  • 4-H club operation – meetings, guidelines and having a well-rounded 4-H year
  • 4-H leader roles and resources
  • District 4-H activities
  • District Council’s role, operation and regulations
  • Sharing your ideas and plans
  • Problem solving
  • 4-H project information – general

The 4-H Specialist for your 4-H region can supply you with the name and contact information of the 4-H Key Leader for your district.

Region: East Central
Who can apply: Leaders

For more information contact: Yvonne Yaremcio, Phone: 310-0000 then 403-742-7547, Fax: 310-0000 then 403-742-7527, Email: