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4-H Alberta - Standardbred Project

Deadline: December 31, 2018 4:30 PM  
Location: across Alberta  

Program Description:


4-H members applying to participate in the 4-H Alberta Standardbred Horse Project, made possible in collaboration with the Alberta Standardbred Horse Association (ASHA), must complete and submit their application to Alesha Hill, 4-H Section at by Dec 31.

Successful applicants to the Standardbred 4-H Project will be matched with a Standardbred breeder late in the fall of 2018. The breeder and the member will arrange for a weanling to be delivered to the farm or acreage where the weanling will remain unti lthe ASHA Yearling Sale is held in the fall of 2019.

During the project period (9-10months) the member will learn how to responsibly care for, feed, manage health requirements and the economics of raising a horse. Expenses, growth, and special conditins of the yearling, will be regularly reported, with open line of communication between the breeder and the member being encouraged throughout the project's durations.

With this project, the members will gain valuable knowledge and expertise relating to raising a Standardbred yearling. The member will receive support, leadership, information and advice throughout the project. The Standardbred Project culminates at the 4-H member's Achievement Activity and then at the sale of the yearling at the SHA Yearling Sale.

Previous participants in this project have gone onto careers in support sectors such as veterinary medicine, retail sales, and day to day care of Standardbred horses. Many have become enthusiastic race fans and have kept a close eye on how the yearling they helped to raise progressed!

Who Can Apply?

Open to 4-H members who are 12 years of age or older and have completed Rider Level 3 Dismounted who have the permission of their parent(s) and a recommendation from their 4-H leader. Participants must be a member in good-standing of a 4-H club. Applications must demonstrate adequate stabling, feeding and grazing facilities.    Applicants will be expected to have horse experience, knowledge and adult assistance.

Event PDF:    Standardbred 4-H Project Application - deadline Nov 1
4-H Alberta Standardbred Horse Project
Region: Provincial
Who can apply: Seniors (15-20 years old)

For more information contact: Alesha Hill, Phone: 310-0000 then 780-644-8550, Fax: 310-0000 then 780-422-7755, Email: