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Event Details – April 04, 2020

4-H Alberta - Provincial Communications - CANCELLED

Start Date: April 04, 2020 9:00 AM End Date: April 04, 2020 5:00 PM
Location: Reynolds Museum, Wetaskiwin AB  

Program Description:


After careful consideration and review, a decision has been made that all 4-H sanctioned activities and events in Alberta scheduled to take place between Friday, March 13, 2020 and Tuesday, April 14, 2020 inclusive are to be suspended effective immediately. This includes club, district, region and provincial levels.

We recognize and appreciate all the time dedicated to planning and preparing for various 4-H programming by our members, volunteers, and supporters across the province, however, we feel this is the best decision to keep the 4-H program a vibrant, safe and inclusive environment for youth. While the risk of contracting COVID-19 in Alberta remains low according to Alberta Health, the safety of our members, parents, guardians, volunteers and families is always first priority and we believe strongly that early action is the best way for 4-H in Alberta to help stop the transmission of the virus.


Each year, 4-H members must complete new and original communications activities in order to satisfy member requirements. The two main forms of communications activities are public speaking and presentations, but other activities such as emceeing an activity of banquet, leading a project workshop, etc may be done instead.

By preparing, delivering and evaluating speeches or presentations, members:

  • Learn basic communication techniques
  • Apply strategies for effective communication including introductory and closing techniques
  • Develop outlines for talks and presentations
  • Learn how to effectively communicate ideas and viewpoints in a professional manner
  • Learn how to research topics through libraries, the internet and online databases

Specific requirements for each type of communications activity are as follows:

Public speaking - two spots from each region

  • Prepare and deliver a 4 to 6 minute speech. Senior members (age 15 to 20) are asked to express their ideas and opinions on a particular topic, which are supported by research
  • Prepare a 1 to 2 impromptu speech

Presentations - two spots from each region

  • Use visuals and props to communicate a message
  • Logically and completely show each step in creating a product or demonstrate a technique
  • Respond to audience questions The large majority of members compete in the public speaking and presentations competitions.

There are four levels of competition (club, district, regional and provincial). The top two members at each competition advance to the next level. Advancing to regional or provincial competitions is a very big accomplishment as there are approximately 2,000 people competing in each age category (junior 9-11 intermediate 12-14, senior 15+). Members are judged and receive feedback at each level of competition. They are also encouraged to evaluate their speeches or presentations to make improvements each time they deliver it. Members who advance to the provincial public speaking competition are required to write a new speech based on a theme or topic they are provided with.

Region: Provincial
Who can apply: Seniors (15-20 years old)

For more information contact: Cameron Horner, Phone: 310-0000 then 780-968-3519, Fax: 310-0000 then 780-963-4709, Email: