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Event Details – January 27, 2020

C - Regional - 4-H on Parade Leader Meeting

Start Date: January 27, 2020 7:00 PM End Date: January 27, 2020 10:00 PM
Location: Balzac Hall, Balzac AB  

Program Description:


4-H on Parade is the largest youth show in Canada and the 3rd largest in all of North America, so don’t worry if you don’t “get it” right away. There is a lot to know and we hope that this information package will provide at least enough information to get you started and feeling comfortable with the event and what is expected of your club.

Committee Structure

  • 4-H on Parade Planning Committee - the overall planning of 4-H on Parade is done by the 4-H on Parade Planning Committee, which is a sub-committee of the Calgary Stampede/4-H Committee. Volunteers on this committee provide support to the sub-committees (liaisons) and are responsible for the areas of the show that affect all participants (i.e. stall judging, awards, etc.).
  • 4-H on Parade sub-committees - each sub-committee consists of representatives from clubs who are planning to participate in that specific show at 4-H on Parade. If your club has more than one project being represented at 4-H on Parade, you need to send a rep for each project.
    • Please note that some committees have meetings in addition to the 4-H on Parade Leader’s meetings. Each sub-committee has its own requirements regarding required meeting attendance in order for clubs to be able to participate in 4-H on Parade. Please check with your sub-committee to confirm meeting dates and attendance requirements.
  • Calgary Stampede - the 4-H on Parade has a designated Calgary Stampede Agriculture Event Coordinator, who works with us.


  • Attendance at meetings is a requirement for clubs to be able to participate in 4-H on Parade.
  • Here is a list of what you can generally expect at each meeting:
    • At the start of each meeting, the 4-H on Parade Chair goes through agenda items and then each sub group meets individually for their project related meetings. (i.e. horse, sheep, canine, etc)
    • Fall meeting
      • Review of last year’s event
      • Committee organization (i.e. assign tasks, choose executive, etc.)
      • Initial planning of next year’s event
    • New Year meeting
      • Planning for the event
      • Determining show/facility requirements
      • Distributing registration information
    • Spring meeting
      • Finalize details
    • 4-H on Parade meeting (tentative)
      • Address any questions, concerns or issues that arise as clubs move in

Region: Calgary
Who can apply: Leaders

For more information contact: Lexi Hoy, Phone: 310-0000 then 403-948-8501, Fax: 310-0000 then 403-948-2069, Email: