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Leader Screening Deadline

Deadline: December 15, 2017 11:59 PM  
Location: across Alberta  

Program Description:


The 4-H Alberta Leader Screening Application process is designed to protect both our members and our leaders. We want to ensure that 4-H continues to provide a safe environment for young people to learn and grow. As a 4-H Leader, you will become part of a group of individuals who, for more than 100 years, has collaborated to help create a 4-H program which many believe to be the most effective existing program for developing leadership skills and creating bright futures for Alberta youth. We know that the continued success of 4-H depends on our volunteers.

Upon being elected by your club and registered by a leader, you will receive a username, password and the information needed to complete the process. Follow the step by step instructions and don’t hesitate to call if you require assistance.

Each registered 4-H Leader's Screening is completed by an online application, reference(s) and a mailed in criminal record check.

Click here to download Instructions and the Criminal Record Check Information Letter

IMPORTANT: Until they have been successfully screened, non-certified leaders or volunteers must always have a screened leader present when they are working with 4-H members or in any other position of trust.  A position of trust includes mentoring youth; having responsibility and/or authority for any financial matters or business activities; making any decisions on behalf of members, leaders, and families; and/or being perceived to be in a position of power.

For more information please contact:

4-H Council of Alberta c/o Leader Screening Committee
RR 1 Site 7 Box 1 Westerose AB TOC 2VO 
Phone: 780.682-2648, Toll Free: 1.877.682.2244
Cell:  780.898.3037 or 780.898.4223, Fax: 780.682.3784
Email: or

Region: Provincial
Who can apply: Leaders

For more information contact: Leader Screening Committee, Phone: 1-877-682-2244, Fax: 780-682-3784, Email: